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I am curios what daw is everyone runnin?
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Author I am curios what daw is everyone runnin?
I have not used one since my dj ing days so show of your toys!
Reaper made by CockOs.
The last two years, Ableton.
Before that I was using Logic for 14 years.
Reaper here.
WinJammer Pro and Audacity.
I have Auria Pro on my iPad, and I've used that for a few things, but mostly I just record directly to video or play live.
Reason for linear recording and mixing.
Ableton for experiments and sketches

I honestly prefer reason mainly since i
used it most. It's easy and i can work
fast with it. Also, love the routing.
Bitwig for everything ! Even FM grin
Ableton for developing ideas, sketches sometimes full songs. Mainly using this daw with my Eurorack.

Logic for more "oldschool"midi composing.

Pro Tools for mixing, more advanced audio editing.
Logic PX for recording and mastering audio. Ableton/M4L for mixing, effects processing, sequencing, and everything else.
Logic- starting with version 5 I think. And Digital Performer long ago.
Ardour for me, on Linux.
Recently moved to Reaper from Abelton which I run now rewire if needed. I'd say use logic if your in mac or give Reaper a try it's actually insanely good and a full total of 60us dollars with 60 days free trial!
Reason. Completely underrated. Great work flow and why would you not want to have virtual CV that turns into real CV via ES-3! Too much fun.

Really easy to come up with solutions for any problem. Using Thor and Malstrom you can pretty much "program" any gate/CV functions you want.
I have Logic, Ableton, Bitwig and Reason and Fruityloops. Ableton probably gets the most use though. I really like the direction Bitwig is going but for me there are still some essential features missing. Rarely ever touch Reason anymore. And since i switched to OSX also no Fruityloops. Dont really like the direction of Fruityloops the last couple updates anyway tough.
Bitwig. They seem to really get it. Really like their software.

Cubase since 2000. Before that, Bars'n'pipes Pro on the Amiga. Before that, Tascam Portastudios. Before that, stereo reel-to-reel.
Have been using FL Studio since Fruityloops 2. Tried other DAWs over the years but I always seem to go back to FL. I work fastest on there. Also, it's piano roll is something that puts other DAWs to shame.

2nd longest is Ableton - it's much better for hardware, but I really, really hate it's interface. Makes making anything a clunky affair.
Richie Jape
started on Logic 7 years ago but have pretty much moved full time to ableton for music ..

use logic x and sometimes pro tools for commercial work because of file formats ..

Ableton is very fast for getting and trying ideas .. although these days i'm just using it as a glorified tape recorder tbh ...

sometimes my 'daw' is just my nagra .. one track .. no messing This is fun!
after 8 years in Live i swichted to Reaper about a year ago.
mix first track there came out way better mixed - all my fellow artists went like
'woohaa - what happend to your mix!'.

i still like using ableton as an instrument. it's a powerful sampler.
as someone mentioned above: to rewire Live seems to be the clue.

i use audacity to draw waveforms if needed.

btw. i do multichannel audio recordings and use the daw for recording and post production. the only issue with reaper is that it's not syncable. but i get along with that quite well, even with clubbish stuff.

in reaper audio editing for is super fast, chopping, moving fading...even the better UI that Live for my needs.
one of the rarer cubase users here ;P
Ableton Live for music making.
Reaper for everything audio editing, mixing and mastering and my own post jobs.
Pro Tools for corporate post stuff. Too bad that corporations love Avid (one could argue that their broadcast/video suites are really well integrated with each other) or I would have switched completely to Reaper.
Ableton for everything!
Ableton, Reaper and occasionally FL Studio. Just like many others here I like that Reaper works quite fast while at the same time I appreciate Ableton for its abilities with regard to "musical stuff" (editing, FX etx.).
Tracktion 5; I've used Tracktion since v1, and I love the ease of use. I know it's now on to its' eighth iteration, but my Mac is too old to upgrade the OS to permit any software upgrades.
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