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fantasising about quantizing (now with video)
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Author fantasising about quantizing (now with video)
When I decided to get into eurorack I fantasised about quantizers. The idea that you can use CV signals "not meant" for melody to create melody really spurred me.

The melodic sound that's part of the beat was created by mixing two function generators and putting the resulting signal through a quantizer before it went on to Rings. All the melodies are combinations of a sequenced line and a random CV going to the 0-coast.


Do tell me what you think! Praise or criticism, equally appreciated. Chugging Beers Drunk Banana
Very nice! I too am interested in getting some quantizer modules for my set up eventually, but how do you choose with so many available. That Barton module that allows you to create your own scales to work from looks interesting, but so do the more traditional ones as well.
Yeah, like most module categories it's a jungle. For me the most important aspect was to be able to get a trig sent out each time the note changes. I would also have loved to have one of those modules with a small keyboard where you can choose the available notes and see which not is being played at the moment.

Sonic Potions Penrose has all of that in a cheap module but it's DIY and I cant solder for my life. I also read that Penrose tracks poorly which defeats the whole purpose. confused

I'm using Disting as a quantizer now. It's digital so it tracks perfectly and I get trigs when the note changes. Lovely. Some folks want their quantizer to be able to change scales based on CV input but I'm not artsy like that so the Disting works great for me.

Thanks for listening, btw! love
A video that bolsters the forlorn tones of the track, I think.

I like the track! especially the middle to end
WaveRider wrote:
I like the track! especially the middle to end

Lovely, thanks! smile

Hypnotic! screaming goo yo

And the video works very well with the track!
weinglas wrote:
Hypnotic! screaming goo yo

Thank you very much!

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