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Moslab Custom IIIP finally cabinetized
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Author Moslab Custom IIIP finally cabinetized
It's been a long and arduous journey to get my modules in cabinets where they could all have power. Still ironing out a few details here and there.

I hesitated to post these because they aren't the glory shots that I was hoping for. My backdrop wasn't wide enough to make it work.

Eric the Red
Looking good!!
amazing! have developed a recent determination to build a mos-labs, albeit much smaller, system hihi
And thumbs up for 'cabinetized'.

edit - LOVE a flat Mini, especially next to a Micromoog (so underestimated).

Just a beautiful system/set-up.
Hi - are those all MosLab cabs? If not who built then for you?
Dave Peck
What a gorgeous looking three-cab system. If it were me, I'd have to put three more 902 VCAs in that space in the third cabinet real quick, before I got tempted to put some flashy-one-trick-pony gizmo in there and have no more room for additional VCAs. And I'd put that Moon multimode filter in the space in the second cabinet. Presto, badda bing.
Thanks guys!

Minimoog 56,
They are Moslab cabinets, and the dotcom 44 of course.

Dave Peck,
If by a 1-trick pony you mean a Moslab Bode Frequency Shifter clone then you might have been too late. I think I'm going to put two more vcas in the second cabinet.

As the synth evolved, I decided to do some additive synthesis in the 44u cab. I'm waiting on the source of uncertainty to ship which is why that hole isn't filled. The dotcom blank panels don't seem to fit in the moslab cabinets though.

delete double post
Looks incredible
Dave Peck
Synthoholic wrote: mean a Moslab Bode Frequency Shifter clone then you might have been too late. ]

Interesting! I didn't know Moslab made one. Do you have a picture? I did a search but didn't find any info about it.
It's in the prototyping stage right now. Will be available in very limited quantities (25 units) with 4 pcbs and vintage Moog c-frames. Not sure what his price will be at this point, but look after the first of the year.

Had to share this: just got my Mos-Lab System 15. What a superb instrument. I've actually played the new Moog System 15, and i like this filter much more.
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