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Liquid Hihat v1.1 to 1.4 panel
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Author Liquid Hihat v1.1 to 1.4 panel
Hi there, sorry if this is mentioned.
I have two 1.1 pcbs, and 2 panels (current/1.4).
Does anyone have the schematics for hi/lo range, removing the balance pot, basically the mods that made it into 1.4?
Fixed it myself, here it is for others consideration (also in build thread).

A little bit of Necro.

For those that have a v1.1 PCB and want to use the v1.4 panel it is possible with the following mods.

There is no schematic for 1.1 and looking at 1.0 schematic will be confusing.
From v1.0 to v.1.1 most of the mods to the original schematic is already implemented, this adds what is left from v1.1 to v1.4

Mods to PCB
1. Changing the range of main frequency.
v1.4 has a 300k resistor to -15V to set up a new range.
From 1.1 you will have to change R25 and R13 to 300K and add a wire from OS1.1 or other -15V points to CV3 and CV2.

2. Removing old range pot.
As range in 1.4 is implemented by switching in a parallell cap, disable the old range pot by jumpering R2.2 to R2.3 and R1.2 to R1.3

3. Adding new range switch.
Change C13 and C16 to 0.01uf , and add a switch for each to put a 0.1uf capacitor in parallell with it.

4. Adding the A+B switch and separate amps
Some changes were made to balance etc, but they can easily be done on the v1.1 pcb as well.

Make a cut between SUM2 and X4, thats where you put the AB switch.

Change R7 to a jumper.
Move the top leg of R22 to BAL1.
Out 2 is now your output A.

Run a wire from SUM2 to BAL2.
Add a 100k resistor from the junction og Pin6/R10 to the ground point at R1.2
Out is now your B output.

5. Other considerations.

F1, F3 and F4 is your A side F1, F2 and F3.
F2, F5 and F6 is your B side F1, F2 and F3.

CV pots are simply attenuators for CV1 (A side) and CV4 (B side).
Leg one ground, leg 3 to jack socket, leg 2 to CV1/4.

Hope this helps someones backlog smile
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