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All Elektron House Tune !
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Author All Elektron House Tune !
Hi everybody very pleased to share my latest track which I submitted for a local radio show contest.

It's for CJSW in Calgary a non-profit radio station that supports local independent artists. They have various electronic music themed shows and I'm hoping to win the contest so I can co-host and perform live on the show !

If you dig the track please like/share since the likes count as votes:


Some details on the track:
Analog Rytm handling the drums and main leads. Analog Four Handling subbass, pads, and the twinkly piano type sound. Octatrack is doing arrangement, FX, some very minimal scenes for performance. I had to take things back a bit from how I usually use OT in order to translate it to DAW.
I recorded the track live and multitrack on Wednesday into my 2012 macbook pro using Overbridge. OT was going via Cue into the A4 inputs. Thursday I chopped up the recordings, arranged and added some DAW effects to spice things up in Ableton. Started the mixing process that night … which I finished Friday. The deadline was Friday midnight … I almost missed it heheheh submitted 11:59pm by a hair. Took me about another 1hr to mix and add a little buildup later in the song … then maybe 30-45 of mastering which was a frightening process because I’m normally known for very quiet end results with hardware.[/s]

Hope you like the results.
Peace and love,
Walter (aka ON OFF ON)
Nice, you really nailed the house beat. SlayerBadger!
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