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FH-1 AKAI Mini MKII and LFOs
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Author FH-1 AKAI Mini MKII and LFOs
I have been struggling with the AKAI mini in my new FH-1.

For basic keyboard/gate stuff it works great, even CV out from the knobs works easy. I have also been able to switch to MIDI ch 16 and get some poly stuff working. So yay and I already love it.

However when I have tried to use the knobs to get some LFOs, Sequencers, and Arpeggio up I keep failing miserably. I configured presets in the AKIA editor to send LFO speed but no love. My guess is the thing that tells the LFOs to fire up I am just not doing. I read the manual many times and have read the tutorial also more than once.

What is the minimal thing I have to do to get an output to switch its function to LFO. How about sequencer or arp? My quest when I get home from work is to just get one LFO working by configuring the 8 knobs on the Mini to perform all the functions for a single LFO. I will keep you posted.

Ideally I would like the FH-1 to start up so that has Keyboard and Gate on output 1 and 2, CV on 3, Sequencer on 4, and LFOs on the last 4 outputs.

Does anyone have an AKIA mini and some preset or startup candy for me?

Thanks for any help!
Ok I got some LFO action but not using the AKAI. I was able to program my Arturia Beatstep so that it's encoders across the top were: ch1cc7,ch1cc71,ch3cc7,ch3cc71,ch5cc71,ch7cc71,ch9cc71

So yay Beatstep boo AKAI.

Any help with AKAI would still be appreciated.
I broke down and bought the iConnectMIDI2+ yesterday. I noticed it gets pretty crazy unless you pay attention to what device you output. With the FH-1 on the single computer icon output to FH-1 is MIDIOUT3 (iConnectMIDI2+).

Using MIDI-OX on a PC I can now send the CCs to get the LFOs up for any of the FH-1 outputs.

To answer my previous question the minimum to get LFO to output is Fader, Speed and wave (Sin, TRi, etc.). I think the trigger is Fader because the output stays blue if you set the speed but never set the fader.

I am going to save a preset here because I have the bottom 4 outputs doing LFOs and 1v/Oct/Gate on 1 and 2.
So this happened.

I made a Max for Live (my first) for the ES FH-1. Right now it only does the first 8 and I still have some issues to iron out but it is now easy for me to adjust the LFOs for the most part.

Sorry for not chiming in - I've been moving house.
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