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Bozak DJ Mixer Clone - Opened up
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Author Bozak DJ Mixer Clone - Opened up
Exhale wrote:
A quick question.

A BOM of INPUT Card states 2.2nf STYRENE 160V capacitor.
Does it have to be exact 160V ? I suppose not.
The typical styrenes from Xicon are rated at 50V.
Or maybe to go Polypropylene here ?
What capacitor you used at C201L, C201R positions ?


The BOM suggests to go with film instead (
I've done it with great results, and I suspect you can hear absolutely no difference between that and a polystyrene cap. If you want to stay absolutely true to the original and go for styrene, ebay is the way to source.
Turned out absolutely not necessary.
Because you won't able to find styrenes at 160V that easily.
And 50V is more than enough on that position.
Cause it's located in a signal chain, providing treble shelf eq frequency as I understood.

So, no need for 160V.
But PP also shall do the job perfectly.
Anything mentioned will work, main rail is only 40V. I bought a huge lot of 160V polystyrenes and included them with the PCB and Panel sets I sold, hence the voltage in the BOM.

Are there any PCB´s out there?

Or anyone up for another run? smile
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