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mankato as additional vco/paia expansion
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Author mankato as additional vco/paia expansion
i finished up a paia system recently
vco+vcf+sample/hold+noise source+active mixer+balanced modulator(regret this module a bit..does this even do anything)+vca
my vco is kind of fucked..osc A does not function and i havent gotten around to fixing it yet as i have some shows coming up i have to work on sets for
but anyway as much as i enjoy my paia i'm already looking to expand
i like the paia vcf but i'd like some more options and i also wouldnt mind having another oscillator
the mankato seems like it'd be killing two birds with one stone but im torn between that or getting a binary zone and an the motm ladder filter
the other thing is i have another 15v paia power supply so its also a matter of which modules are most compatible/easiest to rig together with the power supply i have

i am pretty happy going modular though
its going to make touring much easier than the previous ghetto rigged synth i pieced together out of function generators and modified guitar pedals..i look forward to no longer having to plug in a daisy chain and 5 power supplies
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