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Author Veils
Sorry if this has already been posted, but the search function hasn't been working for me lately. I am building a Mutable Instruments Veils and am wondering about a few details. I appreciate if anyone can help out.

1. I've read in a few places that 0603 components will fit and work fine on the 0402 pads. Has anyone had success doing this?

2. I have a ton of jacks from Thonk but, they don't fit on my Veils PCB (from Magpie). The jacks have eyelets instead of pins and have two extra pins. Would it be okay to use these and snip off the 2 extra pins and then cut half of the eyelet off turning it into a straight pin that'll fit in the PCB hole?

3. Last and most importantly, what kind of potentiometers to use. I don't see any BOM's including them and couldn't find the specs anywhere online. Are the Thonk 9mm pots that Olivier has typically used on another analog designs okay? I have 10k linear trim pots from Thonk for the attenuators already...are these okay? For the VCA 10k pots, are they linear or audio?

1. I've not personally tried 0603 parts on 0402 pads, but I have also heard of others doing so.
Máté Szabó has re-worked the board with 0603 pads if you wanted to make your life a little easier.

2. Sounds like you have the wrong type of jack, you want the Thonkiconn jacks, PJ301M-12.
Though the mounting holes for the jacks on veils are comparatively small, you may have difficulty getting the jacks in place if there's slightly too much plating on the PCB.

3. 10k linear Tall trimer pots and 10k linear 9mm pots are the specified values.
You’re a gentleman and a scholar. Do you know how many HP Szabo’s rework changes Veils to?
Same HP! More info here:
Thanks. Does anyone know if Blinds is also 0402?
Blinds is not 0402. It's 0603. You can check the BOM - each part on mouser lists its size.
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