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Panic Girl & Jericho - Modular Live Set
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Author Panic Girl & Jericho - Modular Live Set
Some footage from my live set together with Panic Girl at 8below Club in Munich.
It's not modular exclusive.
We were using a Jomox Xbase, a Haken Continuum, an Organelle, an Ipad running Samplr and some sounds from a Macbook to spice things up. This is fun!
We tried to capture some vibes from Panic Girls Breeze EP (check it out here

Just clicked 'play'. Hope to give feedback during the day.

Thanks for posting music! w00t


You two worked very well together. That was some nice stuff to listen to whilst typing up the day's work. Well done.
Thanks Kent! I'm glad that you like it.
Panic Girl and me just started playing out together a couple of months ago. There is another video in the works from us playing together at superbooth 2017. It will get released on Schneiders Vimeo Channel in November.
nice, but a bit repetetive tbh. the same musical theme played for almost 30min. (please ignore if not correct im on a train and internet is scarce so i skipped and i didnt load properly most of the time)
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