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Only DIY?
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Author Only DIY?
Eric the Red
Good Morning / Afternoon everyone!

This I should my first post over in the Video world. Thanks for having me.

I am in the middle of a giant 5U build.. about 50% of the heavy lifting is done. In my giant rack, I a man building in space for Euro - specifically a huge vocoder, some audio (I want to make a Euro ambient rack) and video synthesis.

my use cases:
I am not looking for anything super crazy, basically I a man after something I can load a bunch of fucked up cartoons into (random clips from Ren and Stimpy, Beavis and Butthead, Heavy Metal, old Disney Stuff, etc...) and distort it, change the colors, put a wild colored and interesting oscilloscope image over the top of it... (like the stand alone Critter and Guitari Box)

And have it either display through a projector or onto an HD Display, and have the ability to record it.

Through the DIY modules LZX offers, could I build a complete video system, or will I need some of their pre-built modules as well?

Thanks in advance for all of your help -if you are curious, here is my 5U DIY Build project:

you can do a lot of cool stuff with the Cadet modules.

If you want to input color video's into your system, you will need a pre-build module (visual cortex or another older video input module)

The Cadet video input translates the video to B&W Luma. But you can colorise and warp the colors with the Sandin Function generator (schematics are available @ LZX site,
and here:
You can also use Mixers and Processors to add color and do weird stuff like feedback.

If you are not up do making pcb's yourself, PM me.
I've made those Sandin & mumming mixer pcb's for my Video modular, they are pretty cool!
my DIY video modular
more modules

For distorting visuals, check out the Sandin Differentiator and the Hard Key generator .
Eric the Red
FetidEye - thanks for the fast response!

When I’m ready to get more PCBs I’ll be hitting up your Etsy shop.

I would also add that if you feel confident enough into DIY (and you know a bit of Eagle or other similar software), checkout the schematics for the Cadets and make your own modules... AFAIK the Lars designed the Cadets as basic building blocks of a video modular.. thats if you want an atomic and small function Cadets are the way to go, but if you have an idea a little more complex module you can take cadet schematics and make your own stuff.

For example if you take Cadet VIII Hard Key Generator and add an multiplexer IC like the 74HC4051 to do switching, you can have a very cool "sequencer of KeysGenerator".

Same thing for the processor, multiplier and or any other Cadet! You should only consider (and test) your builds so they perform as you expect in video frequencies because sometimes ICs or other components wont work on video frequencies.
Eric the Red
I wish I was at that level of knowledge. The extent of my DIY knowledge is “look at circuit board, look at BOM, insert part, repeat”

I feel like an assembly line worker with a very narrow viewpoint into the rest of the operation. Like “my job is to assemble parts, not redesign the process”.

I’m in the process of learning to read schematics - eagle is after that - I am trying to build an “Atari punk” keyboard. I have all the parts from various other DIY projects, just gotta figure out the simple schematic, get it to work, and then repeat 50 times for the entire keyboard...

Eric the Red
I have a starting point - a fellow wiggler just sold me his Ming Mecca PCB. This was something I have wanted to get my hands on for quite a while now, and yippy skippy, here I am!!

Once I am ready to get my hands on more modules, I’ll be updating this thread with more questions. Thanks in advance for all the help, and I’m sorry for the extreme newbieness.

I plan on reading through a lot of the threads here in the Video section, but if there are any you recommend I start with or other online resources, please share them with me.


Eric Nalian
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