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System 80 JOVE VCF
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Author System 80 JOVE VCF
Multi Grooves
ZZ Ardoz wrote:
minisystem wrote:
kbithecrowing wrote:
Anyone with a production run (non-DIY) Jove: do you have a volume drop on the filter output compared to the raw output of an oscillator? I just got a DIY build and both my DPO and Cursus Iteritas have a noticable volume drop compared to the dry signal. Not trying to undercut the builder by any means (PM'd them andthey were quite detailed and helpful), I'm just curious if this is a common characteristic of all versions of the module.

Check with the builder what value they used for R51 and R72. They should be 330K and 270K respectively . An earlier version of the build docs had those values as 100K and 10K, respectively, which would result in the lower output you describe.

Hey - builder here

I did indeed use the current BOM and the values mentioned, and the builds were all consistently the same as far as performance.

The volume drop with the resonance reminded me of my Sea Devils filter a bit, and from what I read, Jupiter 6 users suggest there is also a volume drop with their original filters when introducing resonance.

Is there some sort of fix I could apply to boost the signal? I'm happy to modify the units if so.

This is a law of Conservation of energy. Unless there is additional circuitry to address this phenomena, it is what it is.
Any ideas if there is gonna be another run/batch of these?
intuitionnyc wrote:
Any ideas if there is gonna be another run/batch of these?

In stock here:
e: and here:
Just ordered a production Jove pre-built (perfect circuit) and also the Doepfer A-103 18dB.
I know it's premature for me to post, but my fingers could not prevent me from posting.
Both seem like good values.
.....will follow-up in 3 days, for review(s).
(ok, 4 days...because one late night needed to wiggle)
Review from above ^^, 2 days in....

Jove..... super clean, and low-end when you want it.
Love the second input and level.

Doepfer A103 (only) 18dB 303 clone under $120 and 3 fun CV inputs to play with.
Hezza11 wrote:
Seaweed Sound wrote:
Has anyone compared the Jove to the Xaoc Belgrad filter?

Worlds apart. The Jove is buttery and smooth and squelchy and has a classic Roland/acid sound. The Belgrade has loads more options and range, is more gritty and nasty and able to do lots of strange things, though I'd say isn't as lush as the jove and takes a lot more work to get thick rich sounding tones out of. The Jove you just sweep one knob on a saw/square and it sounds great.

I love both, but Jove is special and I'm thinking about getting another one for stereo processing.
Multi Grooves
Double post.
Anyone got details on the uJove 8hp module?
That's an un-official PCB/panel DIY-only version (not me). If you want to build it yourself (all 0603 and TSSOP SMT) with a FR4 panel then they'll eventually be available through the pusherman fb group.

I've been debating about releasing an official 8 HP version if there's enough interest. As soon as the 880 production run is running smoothly I'll probably open pre-orders for a smaller JOVE. 50 pre-orders would be enough to justify a run.

It will be called the 860 to bring it in line with the other 800-series modules in the System80 lineup:

while i loooooove the DIY comminity (ZZ Ardoz is the mannnnn. such tasty builds.), i am ALWAYS into supporting the original builder of a module.

super into it if you do a run of the smallers.
behndy wrote:
i loooooove the DIY comminity (ZZ Ardoz is the mannnnn. such tasty builds.),

It is a clever implementation using 1 multi-coloured LED to indicate the 4 modes. Plus everything is squeezed into a 2 layer board, which is pretty impressive (I had to go 4 layer for the official version).
I'm definitely interested in the 8hp Jove
How about a 10hp version without the switch and having 4 outputs? love
Count me in for the U version nanners
+1 for 8HP
I'm a sucker for filters and would be interested in an 8hp version. smile
I would definitely pre-order an 8hp version. Please make it happen!
I would also, I think. I never use both inputs and would appreciate the size reduction. If you do this, it would be really great if you added more gain to the input (so that unity was at around 75% of the input knob's travel). I often boost things going into it as it saturates nicely and it would be useful to have this onboard
medium Rob
anything ever come about this, re: an official 8 HP version (860) ?
medium Rob wrote:
anything ever come about this, re: an official 8 HP version (860) ?

I'm guessing the 880 production run is not yet "smoothed out" given that the website says they are being assembled and tested by hand and shipped out one at a time.
I, too, would take a hard look at the 860 design for a live system, once it becomes (if it becomes?) a thing.
+1 for the 860! I wrote Jeff at System80 directly back in February after finding this thread—he said they have finished a prototype and they'd like to have units ready by the Summer but they are swamped with 880 builds. I'm leaving a space in my rack for the 860, I'll wait!
I'd be down for a 8hp version! Mylar's vid got me hooked - instant love! Wow!
Very interested in the 8hp version too...
yes i would hold out for an 860 if its happening
Id be pre-ordering one right now if it were available heh, count me in for sure! The JP-6 is already one of my favorite synths, I HAVE to have the filter! I didn't see the original one until my rackspace was already spoken for. I can make 8hp happen easily though. I never got on with that Div 6 filter sitting in my rack anyways, and I paid the same for it used as a new Jove would've been.
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