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Buchla 160, 165, 194 panel artwork for Fluxmonkey PCBs
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Author Buchla 160, 165, 194 panel artwork for Fluxmonkey PCBs
Imperfect front panel artwork intended for use in the Buchla format with Fluxmonkey PCBs which are found here:

The 160 and 194 are obvious; the 165 requires a pair of 208 Random PCBs, stacked via spacers/standoffs. Each has a trigger Input and four independent random voltage outputs per PCB. The vintage module may have been a single random output per side with the jacks wired together, I'm not sure, so this provides for several options:

-Standard one In, one Out with both black CV jacks wired to a single Out on each PCB
-One In, two Out using two Outs per 208 PCB per side, one to each black output jack
-One in, four independent Out using the second side of the artwork with drill guides for one In and four Out jacks. Ugly but should work, haven't checked the layout but it's based upon the same spacing as a 110.

The original 165 may not be in the standard Buchla 100 grid, it might be a little spaced out from center.

The 160 has a large choke requiring standoffs of 25 or 30mm (mounting with parts facing the rear of the front panel is recommended). I believe the 165 build I did used 15mm standoffs between the 208 random PCBs.

One build I did had a 208 random with all four outs on the same panel as a 160; I just went across the middle and there's room. Not pretty but definitely functional. It is certainly possible to have a 160 and a 194 combined on the same 1U panel but you may need deep standoffs to provide space for the banana jacks.

Thanks Fluxmonkey for the great PCBs!

Buchla clone 160, 192, 158A by mpeake, on Flickr
Bottom module is a 160 with a 208 using all outputs.

Buchla clone 160 plus 208 by mpeake, on Flickr
Power is jumpered between PCBs.
Nice work as always, and thanks for the kind words. I always get a kick seeing projects using those PCBs!
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