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Expert Sleepers General CV
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Author Expert Sleepers General CV
p woods
So I saw some instagram videos showcasing what sounds like an awesome new module from EH, but haven't heard or seen anything else about it.

It said it would go on sale in october but again haven't seen it in stores.

From the site:
"The General CV is a combination of a powerful General MIDI synthesizer, a multi-channel CV-to-MIDI converter, and a host processor capable of generating huge amounts of MIDI data, either in response to control voltages (CVs) or entirely algorithmically.

The module's software provides a layer of control over the synthesizer allowing you to create sounds far beyond the familiar (cheesy, even) sounds of General MIDI with which you might be familiar. From making the synth behave like a VCO, to creating complex chords and textures, and even to abusing drum sounds into pitched audio sources, the General CV will add a rich selection of fresh sounds to your modular synth."

What do you guys think?
I have it and find it very useful.
It is like having a tiny rompler of timbres available for cv control.
You can achieve something similar with cv to midi, audio level io conversion and whatever non eurorack midi synth you have, etc but integrated together makes this a very handy low latency osc source for onward processing.
I’ve yet to try pushing it on the cv side to test its power over a non-eurorack synth source, but like the availability of the GM palette for Plonk/Elements-esque tones from GM flute, strings, percussion etc.
It’s all about what you do with the audio out into other modules.
First real track I made with the General (paired with the E350 and effects) - loads of potential here, fantastic and deep module.

I just scored this. AMAZING in terms of features. UI? Not maybe so much.

I guess I'm old. But yeah, sounds amazing. All of you need to score this one.
Just chiming in to say I agree with tuj. This is a GREAT module! I don't have much of any issue with the screen. I do have a bit of an issue with remembering what all the input jacks do as they don't necessarily correspond to the B menus - it seems. It's probably a thing where I can set the inputs but that's one level too deep for me haha. It also crashes sometimes haha (yes, i'm on 1.1)

Other than that - LOVE. So many great timbres and textures. Effects, chord mode, arp mode, clocked midi playback mode - all hugely fun and highly usable. And full GM drum kits with 9 gate-in?! So dope.
digits wrote:
First real track I made with the General (paired with the E350 and effects) - loads of potential here, fantastic and deep module.


Wow, really lovely work! Soothing. Was this in VCO mode?

I just ordered my General CV to pair with Folktek Alters. Can't wait.
Fooled around with chords mode this weekend. Really cool stuff. The General plus a random sequence yields from really great results, especially once you dial in the program change modulation.
note! wrote:
I do have a bit of an issue with remembering what all the input jacks do

Pressing E is intended to help with remembering that.

@digits - thanks for sharing - good to hear the General in a real-life situation.
Yep, it is really great.

I wonder would a 'windowing' mode be possible for midi files?

Control fwd and/or rev play looping between markers in the midi file?

That way you could create a midi file of chords/drums in a progression, or intro, verse, chorus, coda etc and use CV to hop between them, divided across voltage according to however many sections you have in the file?
You could do that as it is, if you swap 'setlist' for 'file' and 'file' for 'section'.
must try that out! thanks. wonder how fast it can be switching...
It's designed to switch exactly:

i see in the manual that Disting mk4 MIDI Breakout hasnt really gotten any functionality yet with general cv.

Is it planned? Would be so nice to be able to control various parameters through midi! Goldfish

... and even play polyphonic!

edit: seems like it is possible afterall. found this in the updated manual:

"MIDI input
Currently the General CV does not receive any MIDI (though it will forward incoming MIDI
directly to the synthesizer engine, if this is enabled in the settings)"
Indeed. A possible use case is mentioned in this review:
Loving this thing more with each go-round. Here's an example in arpeggiator mode, where the program selection is controlled by noise through a sample and hold, and the rest of the parameters are being modulated by Maths and Wogglebug. The output of the GCV is sent into the 4ms DLD, but that's just doing a straight tap delay, no modulation, so this is pretty much delayed GCV.

[soundcloud url="" params="color=ff5500&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments= true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false" width="100%" height="166" iframe="true" /]
Just dropped a new firmware:

screaming goo yo
Nice, thanks!
Amazing module (and new features)! One thing is still unclear to me: upon first read of the specs, I was thinking I would be able to use the GCV to create MIDI CCs using various CVs that could be sent (via the Disting Mk4 MIDI Breakout) to external MIDI synths. Am I right that this is not yet possible (as it says in the manual "MIDI Output - Currently the General CV does not send any MIDI."???) If this is true then is it something that may be added in a future firmware update? I see that the Disting Mk4 has this capability (though limited to one cv --> CC converter + modulation wheel / velocity). Having seven of them with freely assignable CCs would be pretty amazing, and would open up so many possibilities for integration between my TX816 and my eurorack, for instance eek!

Anyway, thanks again Os for such an unexpectedly inspiring instrument!
It's something that might be added. I wanted to focus initially on the General CV as a creative source of sounds - there are other straight CV/MIDI converters on the market.
Absolutely. I'm very excited for the huge capabilities it has as a sound design source (first and foremost). Only asking about CV to MIDI bc I at first assumed it would be possible to do all of it concurrently (once I found out about the MIDI expander). But I also imagine the (re)mapping of CV to CC #'s would require a bit of doing. I'll certainly be happy either way, as there's already so much to explore... thanks again os.

we're not worthy {additive mode}
Montgomery Word
os wrote:
Just dropped a new firmware:

holy cow!!!
i must admit, i don’t know shit about this module and i’ve had it for a month+
feeling a bit guilty. but it’s sure fun!
New firmware (v1.3):

Thank you!
Oh yes. eek!
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