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Cocoquantus 2 - Free electron
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Author Cocoquantus 2 - Free electron
Forgive me if I do not post in the family jams but with the internet connection I have since I'm in France I cannot access the page atm (too many embedded youtube videos).

That's also why it takes a day at min to upload my video now on my channel. This one I decided to upload in HD (for better audio as video is made on old camera anyway), in despite of the slowness of the ADSL that Orange delivers here.

I enjoyed very much this session with the Cocoquantus 2. Some sounds I really love.
The volume/amplitude is sometimes decreasing abruptly and going high again, because like with my other videos I did not compensate afterwards in Logic. I prefer to leave it so we hear what the Cocoquantus 2 is really doing with all the LFO cross-modulation from the Quantussy.

I added the BugBrand amazing crossOver filter and the PT Delay to give a certain character to the sound (one output of the Cocoquantus goes into filter, the other into delay).
As you see I did not even took time to arrange a bit cables, frame etc. Too much in a hurry to make some sound, after another nightmarish day, trying in vain to finally get a paper from the french autorities.

So let's the electrons be free!

Always a pleasure to watch your videos screaming goo yo

And I like the idea of different FX for each channel of the CQ. And of course the result applause
Cool combo! Get me thinking that each channel of the coco would be great into Twin Peak/Hordjik. Note to self smile
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