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Komplete Kontrol S61 MK2 & Reaper
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Author Komplete Kontrol S61 MK2 & Reaper
I just posted a brief review of the Komplete Kontrol S61 MK2 keyboard controller and its compatibility with the DAW Reaper by Cockos. You can check it out here.
Almost 2 years later and this seemingly beautiful keyboard has turned out to be a HUGE disappointment.

In short; DIN MIDI support is terrible and does not allow mapping of the pitch wheel, mod wheel to any MIDI channel besides 1. In addition only a single MIDI channel can be mapped for the pedals and touch-strip.

While it would seem that these issues could easily be fixed through software / firmware updates Native Instruments has definitively chosen not to address it.

You can read the details in this article...
It's definitely the kind of thing you only buy if you want to use it with Komplete. Otherwise maybe something like the Novation SL MK3 is the way to go. I don't own the latter, but I own the former for use with Komplete/Maschine/Ableton.
Sorry to hear about all your problems with the S61. NI really should have fixed the MIDI DIN issue. Probably an easy fix for someone working on the software.
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