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Just built an AM8320
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Author Just built an AM8320
Just finished this AM8320, I am pretty happy with the result. I built it from the PCB purchased from the store. The doc is a bit confusing, because the BOM does not match with the schematics. So be careful when you order the components.

I make a little testing video on youTube, check it out
Nice! And nice demo! BTW, how to you like that Curtis filter module?
diode_destroyer wrote:
Nice! And nice demo! BTW, how to you like that Curtis filter module?

the dave smith filter have similar sound quality as the CEM3320, but it is a bit smoother, and mellower.
The AM8320 Prophet filter module and PCB's will be back in stock soon using the new AS3320 chip (which we sell for 5 GBP). Its a revised PCB design, single PCB mounted to the panel horizontally.
Nice video, truman_k! Lovely sounds!
Btw, I noticed that you never increased the resonance past 12 o’clock in the video. Might be coincedental but my AM8320 (factory built) goes into self-oscillation at that point already, so quite early. To fix that Rob gave this information:

“The 3320 chips do vary a bit in spec, increase R18 to 300K and this
should reduce the onset of self osc. If this is too much then reduce
down to 240K or 270K.”

Might be of use to you or anybody that’s going to build it.
Hey there truman_k, just finishing up building this and got stuck on P1 and P2. They don't appear on the schematic.

It looks like you used capacitors. What value did you use if you don't mind me asking?
On the AM8040 P1 and P2 are Polyfuses, 50V 170mA on the BOM to be exact. On the BOM of the AM8105 the same. My guess is it's the same for the AM8320.
Awesome, thank you.

Polyfuses huh, I haven't come across this component before. Every day is a school day though.

I'm off to read up on these polyfuses now.

Thank you again.
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