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Ripplemaker "West Coast" semi-modular app for iOS
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Author Ripplemaker "West Coast" semi-modular app for iOS
Just got Ripplemaker for my iPad after reading about it in SOS. Lots of fun so far, sounds great. A bit like having an O-Coast on your iOS device for $8.99. Normalized, but you can also patch anything to anything. Includes a nice step sequencer with randomization features.

Details, audio demos and manual here: Ripplemaker

Some reviews:  /

Quote from Fact mag article:
"A new virtual modular synth called Ripplemaker has been released for iPhone and iPad.

Developed by Bram Bos, the brain behind TB-303 iOS clone Troublemaker, the synth is inspired by the West Coast synthesis method made famous by the late Don Buchla.

According to the app’s description, the synth’s modules (which include oscillator, FM, mathematical utilities and slope generator) are designed for “exploration and experimentation”.

The app has been designed for all ability levels, with pre-wired modules that can then be patched however you like. It also features a built-in sequencer with random pattern generator for getting started quickly.

Other features include support for Ableton Link along with WAV and MIDI file export. It’s available now from the App Store for $8.99/£8.99."
any idea if they plan on bringing it out for android?
No idea, I have no ties to the developer or contact with them, just like the app.
Currently iOS only.

There's a link at the bottom of the developer's web page (1st link in my post) for comments and suggestions so you could ask them directly.
Never seen Bram Bos put out an Android app. All his apps are IOS.

OTOH, he interacts a lot with the users and is typically on top of the latest IOS changes (eg. Audio Unit stuff).
Yeah, seems like a great developer-same guy that did "Phasemaker", "Ruismaker FM" and "Troublemaker" apps for iOS. Troublemaker review from SOS (a 303-ish synth+sequencer): Bram Bos - Troublemaker review
Just downloaded this app. Love it. Is anyone else using it?
Here's what looks like a tutorial.

The Space Disco
Yes, I love Ripplemaker, someone claiming it as an ocoast even makes it just better, never thought of it like that. It’s easy to get a groove going...

I just need to get over my -making music on touch device is boring- mentality.

Big ups for Ripplemaker. It got even better after reading these posts.

Been using Ripplemaker for about a year now, it and Model 15 were my first steps into modular. Recently led me to get a 0-Coast.

I hate to say it, but I still have more fun with Ripplemaker! The 0-Coast sounds great and I love Makenoise. But having Ripplemaker on my phone in my pocket is just awesome. Good way to sketch out ideas that I work back onto the 0-Coast at home. Also I think the ease of patching unlimited virtual cables makes it easier to explore West Coast synthesis. I like Ripplemaker's sequencer too, sometimes I use it to drive other apps in tandem.

Ripplemaker has a built-in delay but it also sounds really nice paired with an FX app like Bram's Kosmonaut. Has a nice transition when switching different Krell presets!
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