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PSU supply problem when adding extra module. (Solved)
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Author PSU supply problem when adding extra module. (Solved)
In my system I've a Mididac and also a osc running on +- 15 v ..these are the only two modules on that voltage.
When I add the Oakley Osc I'm getting sever distortian and keyboard tuning going haywire. Disconnect the Oakley osc and everything is back to normal.
The Oakley osc works perfect and fine on its own, there's no problem with it.

Something to do with connecting to power supply ...but what ? I tried de-coupling capacitors joy.
The first thing to look at will be the voltages on those +/-15V rails. Measure with respect to 0V (local ground). With just the two modules plugged in you should get +/-15V. Then switch off and add the Oakley VCO. Switch on and measure again. If the rails are fine, ie. unchanged, it's probably not the power supply. If one of them is down, even by a volt, then there is something wrong. Either with the power supply or the VCO.

If both +/-15V are perfect then check the 0V connections. With the unit switched off and using a resistance meter check the resistance between all the 0V connections on all three modules and the power supply. There should be no appreciable resistance, ie. it should be under 1R, between any of the connections. That also includes the nuts of the front panel 1/4" sockets.

What power supply are you using?

Thanks Tony

It's a home brew PSU powerful enough for several modules.
I will check as you advised ...appreciated .
I'm beginning to also suspect my wiring routing ..
I'll do the tests.
It simply was a wiring problem. I had jumped the PSU from a small test module thinking it would be no was!
Taking the power direct from the PSU now works fine.

Ps I'm still totally impressed with the re-instated Oakley VCO.
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