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Instagram synth videos?
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Author Instagram synth videos?
Question to those out there that post synth demos/songs/sounds on Instagram....

I think you can only record and post using the Instagram app, correct? So is everyone just recording the audio through their phone/tablet mic? Or is there a way to record a direct line-in? What are people using? Thanks.
I take a long way about it. very frustrating

I make my synth improv/jam videos with Adobe Premiere first and then airdrop it to my Iphone. Then I upload whatever minute of the video I want to use in Instagram.

I record the synths directly into Ableton while recording the video with my GoPro. In Premiere I sync up the audiowave forms and then delete the GoPro audio. The result is my Ableton wav file synced to the GoPro video file.

It's peanut butter jelly time! nanners Rockin' Banana!
Turn the speakers up loud + use the phone mic. If it sounds slammin from the phone mic you're doing something right.
Usually just a iphone but occasionally when I can be bothered to hook it up/ whatever Im making is worth the effort I also use a GoPro but send a rec/alt output from my desk into a phono to micro usb adapter which plugs into the GoPro. This then records decent audio with the video on the camera, so no extra editing needed. Then just upload to my phone via the GoPro app.

Theres some people out there posting really high quality audio and video, would love to know what they do, Richard Devine is one example.
You can post anything that’s in your camera roll.
It’s worth it to record good Sound and edit it together with video.
All the dudes that have lots of followers do this. It takes time but sounds so much better than the phone mic.
If you wanna do it the effort way, the way i always made my youtube gear demos was recording it into an interface while i also had the cam mic, and then would align the 2 afterwards and mix the audio.
For better quality audio I connect an iRig2 to my iPhone, and record with a video app that supports audio monitoring while the video is being recorded (the native camera app for iOS doesn't do that).
pwenzel wrote:
For better quality audio I connect an iRig2 to my iPhone, and record with a video app that supports audio monitoring while the video is being recorded (the native camera app for iOS doesn't do that).

What app do you use? I was looking at the irig2 but it seems to be mono?
You can record with the Open Camera Android app and get better video/audio interface connectivity (I can connect my Audient ID22 USB interface straight into my camera via OTG USB adapter). As stated, Instagram allows you to add gallery video/pictures so once you record your video in Open Camera, you can upload it via the Instagram app.

I created a few videos using this method but for Instagram I prefer using the mic on my phone. The room sound is more interesting to me, especially when using drum machines with my demos.
More or less the same as the other answers above me — record it into my DAW, export the WAV. Import the WAV into Photoshop, and add the video or still image and then generate the video from that. I then import the video into my phone and the Instagram app recognizes it from there.
Record video and line out audio into my Sony HDR MV1 camera.
WiFi it to my phone.
Cut the most suitable minute.
Upload to IG.

Job done!
I have a couple cameras set up on sticks in my studio: a Sony A7 with a 50mm prime and a Nikon with a 100mm zoom. Sometimes I'll turn them both on while I'm playing music. Pop all the video files into Premiere, sync them to the bounce from Ableton, cut it all down to 30 seconds, export the video, drop it to my phone, and post to IG for fun.

One the cameras also has a rode stereo mic attached, and the audio I get from that usually sounds pretty ok on its own, too.

Might sound complicated but I've been doing it for a while and it's pretty much muscle memory at this point. (@folpon)
I also record audio and video separately, edit them together and airdrop it to my phone. I do believe IG sums everything to mono which has screwed me a few times as it made some videos clip. I also have stopped caring as much about the mix for IG videos because of this. I think the adapter for phone solution is best if you're just using IG. I will often shoot longer videos for YT, put audio on SC and then smaller clip on IG. So the more drawn out method seems appropriate.
Searched the web too. Conclusion: more manufacturers need to add proper stereo linelevel input to their camera equipment. Isn’t rocket science and those few bucks more wouldn’t break the bank. Was almost suprised such a simple add on is so rare
I connect a USB audio interface to my iPhone via the (original) Apple Camera Connection Kit and plug the synth in there. The Instagram app automatically uses it as audio source then when you record a video.

Of course you can also just upload any other video from the camera roll like the others have posted.
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