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Analogue Haven Sale
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Author Analogue Haven Sale
Chuck E. Jesus
did ya hear the news? 2nd year sale, 10% off and no shipping for all new in-stock items....fri thru thursday....but i'm broke cry
Yeah that is a pretty sweet deal and the free shipping is icing on the cake. I'm a bit bummed though since I am almost broke and my cards are all maxed currently. Maybe I can convince a friend to put my order on his card. (yeah...fat chance) lol I'll have to start looking around the house for stuff to sell for quick cash. (man, I sound like a crackhead, but my modular addiction is killing my wallet)
ha! i just sunk myself for another $900 because of this sale.
lucky for me, ive got a second credit card meh

yay for a second miniwave, a couple dual vcas and a couple lfos (blacet)

yay for a second miniwave, a couple dual vcas and a couple lfos (blacet)

Ok good so it is for everything in the store!
Im getting a miniwave grin

At first I thought that it was Free shipping but no discount for everything except the modules they listed:
all eurorack modules, cases, and accessories in stock! this includes all in stock items from doepfer, analogue solutions, bananalogue, cwejman, livewire, plan b, and synthbox.
Shit I just called and Andrew said that its only for the eurorack modules but free shipping on everything(which is what i originally thought)
I wonder if they will let me cancel my order so i can just order direct from blacet so i can get red knobs instead of ugly blue ones lol
Ahh fuck it lol Free shipping is cool smile So that will save me a little,
And I'll just get red knobs later.
yeah, no sales tax on anything (because im in cali) means $70 saved for me.
i know, small consolation but blacet is in cali too, so tax saved is still money saved.
After talking to Chuck, he told me that I misunderstood the sale and that it was only on Euro modules and accessories. cry I was just going to update this thread and let you guys know, but it looks like zerosum beat me to it. Oh, well. Free shipping is still cool. AH deserves the business, they kick ass.
Chuck E. Jesus
sorry guys, i should have read the email, i wish i had the bread to fill some spaces in my eurorack!

edit: just to toture myself, i looked at some doepfer mods ...can't justify the cash atm, but i really want a ribbon controller:
I'm going for broke on this sale!!! It's right up my alley...Eurorack, California resident, free shipping!!!
Muff Wiggler
hey, thanks for the heads up, i'm late to the party, just got in from vegas, lotsa delays home :(

yeah i got the email about this from AH sometime yesterday, it arrived in the big 'plane landing' batch i always get on my phone after a long flight (i literally get between 6-10 emails AN HOUR most every day...)

i did have the impression that it was eurorack stuff only... hehe then i started reading this thread just now, and thought, SWEET! it's for everything, i'm gonna get a frac-ensteiner

then i read more and it's only eurorack oops

sweet deal though for you doepfer heads 8) especially in cali

and yeah, everyone seems to be in consensus, and i agree - spend money at AH. that place rocks. shawn rocks. i haven't ever dealt with chuck, but i am extremely confident that he rocks just as much. i love that shop and those guys
Chuck E. Jesus
i talked with Chuck on the phone once, i got a number to call and they answered "rhino records", he's the owner! i guess AH is a personal interest side gig type of thing, and yes, he was cool....
Chuck E. Jesus
man, i almost buckled and got the ribbon controller, but i thought "save the dough for the kids, you got enough crap dummy"...i swore i wouldn't buy anymore stuff this year!

(steps slowly away from computer)

E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. AT AH IS 10% OFF!!

they just changed the terms of the sale. im going to hurt myself with another other.
Word grin
I just got a miniwave,socket rocket and PSCONN cable for $264!
Muff Wiggler
Well, couldn't help myself. Took advantage of the sale to pick up my 2nd Stonz. Thus completing my set of two of every Blacet module. :shock: Currently have 49 individual Blacet modules.
2 of everything? your studio should be called "the ark" lol
Muff Wiggler
'at least' two of everything

i've got 3 blacet VCOs, soon to have four

and i've 6 multi/attens

two of all the others, however will turn a few of them into foursomes
I went overboard grin
    Doepfer A-183c Polarizing Mixer
    Livewire Dual Bissell Generator
    Livewire Vulcan Modulator
    Doepfer A-131 VCA
    Doepfer A-175 Dual Voltage Inverter
    Doepfer A-181 Multiples 2
    Livewire Dual Cyclotron
    Plan B Heisenberg Generator
    Doepfer A-119 Envelope Follower
    Doepfer A-177 Ext. Foot Controller
    Doepfer A-180 Multiples - x2
    Doepfer A-151 Quad Seq. Switch
Unfortunately they were out of stock on the eurorack FrequenSteiner :(
Muff Wiggler
holy crap!!!! 8) that's awesome, wow :shock:

you are gonna be one happy dude when that shipment arrives!

congrats, great stuff
I know, I can't wait for it to arrive. I'll be away on vacation, but it will be a wonderful surprise for when I return.

I'll be making demo videos as well of course, so everyone can enjoy it at least a little bit ;-)
Man Im glad that muff added the youtube embedding grin
Damn Felix thats really cool :shock:
Muff Wiggler
my goal with the Blacet stuff - and I'm almost there now, finally...

Is to have two seperate and identical towers of Blacet modules. If I want to patch them as a single large system, I can. If I want to treat them as two seperate systems, I can. Some friends are really looking forward to me breaking the modules into two towers so we can have "patching contests", each working with an identical set of modules.

Just need to pick up a couple more units, and then EACH of the two towers will consist of -

2 VCOs
2 EGs
2 Mixer/Pros
2 Dual Linear VCAs
2 LFOs
4 Multi/Attens
1 of everything else Blacet (incl. Time Machine & Dark Star)
1 Frequency Divider Expander
1 MiniWave Expander full o' ROMs

This config will let me have 2-voice polyphony using ANY set of single modules per voice. Or I can have up to 4-voice polyphony in a simple VCO-VCF-VCA type setup, however with the sacrifice that two of the voices will have Final Filtre's and two of the voices will have Filthy Filters. I'm willing to accept this small sacrifice (you can get the filters to sound very close to each other....) in favour of financial sanity and not taking up ALL the space I have available....

Finally, once I hit this goal, I'll buy another pair of Blacet VCOs and EG1's, so that each 'standalone tower' will be a 3 VCO/3EG system, for 6 overall VCOs. then I will be DONE with Blacet, unless of course something else is released, in which case I'll simply buy two immediately to keep the system(s) up to date.

The other reason I'm doing this is investment. I figure a Blacet system with every single module ever, plus a good complement for functionality (ie. 3 VCO's, 3 EG's, 2 LFOs, etc.), will probably be worth a hell of a lot of money come 20 years from now or so.

So I'm doubling the whole thing. That way, if I'm every really really pressed to sell, it will be easy enough to just sell off one of the towers, and still be able to keep a 'full' Blacet system with at least one of everything.

Anyway, that's the Blacet plan. And it's finally about 95% done. I figure I need about 6 more modules to fully complete this vision. I'll be kind of sad to not be bringing Blacet business on a roughly monthly basis anymore, but it'll be nice to move onto Wiard 300 (now that I'm finished acquiring Metasonix as well, it's the only thing left!), and hopefully Blacet will release some more designs.

Oh yeah, nice coincidence, but the 'single tower' Blacet system I've described fits just perfectly into one of the 6-frac towers that I've been using to house my system. So ultimately I'll have three of these towers, two identical Blacet ones, and a third Wiard/Bananalogue/MOTM one. I've actually got two completely full at the moment, and two 'loose' frac-racks that are holding some modules. Really need to get my third rolling rack tower to put these in.
So I sold my Symetrix CL-100,a Behringer MDX 2100(the only behringer product I've ever owned and it was when i was just getting into recording) and my Marshall Jackhammer so I have $138 to get one last module from AH before the sale ends tomorrow....
A micro LFO sure would be nice to sit next to the psycho....
Or I could get a dual lin VCA......

Binary zone looks really fun, if I spend a little bit more.....

aaahahahhahah I have to pick a module lol
If I had a little more I would just go for the VCO and get that out of the way lol
Binary zone looks really fun, if I spend a little bit more.....

I ordered it 8)

I dont get paid untill next friday and I have to ship a few things out,
so Im pretty damn close to broke :shock:
However, The Binary Zone just makes sense, I ordered a Miniwave and
the Binary Zone will sit nicely next to it, They are a pair, destined to be together.
Im looking forward to using it with the quantizer in the miniwave 8)
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