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An Inside Look at the Moog DFAM
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Author An Inside Look at the Moog DFAM
!!Warning!!This is a real boring video! Nerds Only!!!
It is not meant for entertainment. A few people asked for this type of info in the "damn DFAM" thread..

Steve talks about the DFAM's design for about 14 minutes. Then I show some video of the DFAM's PCB with some DFAM and Mysteron sounds/music...

At the very end you can see the modular setup and how its patched...sort of..
The video was hastily made so some/ most of it is not up to my standards that I would like to see on my channel. The video is unlisted so, it's a MW exclusive! Enjoy!

P.S. I like the thumbnail youtube choose of Steve.. Wicked pose! hihi hihi

That was very interesting - thanks for posting it SlayerBadger!
Wow! it got moved to general gear... m-okay.. That was fast too!. Sorry I guess it is general gear since it's not available as a eurorack

I'll be more careful next time... Thanks Moderator!

we're not worthy
You already posted this in the DFAM thread. Let’s not get into the habit of cross-posting, please. Miley Cyrus

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