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Author uClouds.

Does anyone got one yet ?
I emailed a few days ago but not get an answer yet.

It seems that firmware swapping must be done with a programmer in this edition, have you any feedback on how hard it is to flash with a jtag programmer ?

Thanks a lot.
I have some PCBs and I'm building one, I'll update when done hyper
this guy? i got one about a month ago. works beauuuuuuuuuutifullllllllllly. i went with this because the jack placement made more sense to me than the 2 columns.

Is it fiddley to use at all in the smaller form factor?
Yep, that's him !

Just got an answer, ordered mine.

Only downside is I now have to wait for the .hex file of the kammerl beat repeat firmware. smile

I'm thinking about using one row of pressure point if the smaller pots make live tweaking ( the way I always love to use clouds )too difficult.
Rembry - not really. i mean, yeah. it's tighter (giggety), but i was wibbling around last night with no problems. the other design is cool too, i just feel like all the patching in rows would make it hard to see what each knob is and get to them?

KaoooOoOooOOOOooOoooOoosRounds - oof. i'm curious about thag Kammerl/Parasites combo jank. INTERESTING.

running Para on mines now. LOVE it.
This thing is real !

Has anyone tried the jkammerl firmware on this yet? Any issues? I know you have to hex load it.
Unfortunately, I'don't think the kammerl .hex is avaliable anywhere for the moment...

If I manage to get it I'll report back here since that' is my favorite firmware for now.
Hey, I just added the HEX for the v0.42 version here:

Please let me know how well it works on uCloud. I'm looking forward to getting one as well.
Thanks for the fast answer ! You SlayerBadger! !

As soon as I'll get my 20 to 10 pin adaptator, I 'll report back...
Watching this with interest as a uClouds would enable me to fit 2! But I would need to be able to switch firmware fairly easily.

Please do post once you have some time with switching?
Did anybody here have Clouds before and switched to uClouds? So there's no difference apart from the form factor?
It is identical besides for the UI.
i only had a regular sized Clouds for 3 months or so, but they seen identical.

i like a lot of what Clouds does, but i have never had it reboot to the last state. which is frussssstrating. it's such a finicky thing.

that's normal no? Clouds does not boot up in to the previous state after shutdown?
"state" of what? Hidden modes? or which other features are you wanting to remain on startup?
everything? i love when a module has the same knob/options setup when you reboot the system. so one can tweak, power down, come back, power up, hit play and it will all sound the same.

i've always called that reboot to last state. incorrect?
How complicated is it to change FW via a programmer?

Does this programmer work: a-Mini-Usb-Blaster-Cable-Module-I-N/232160900001?epid=677141813&hash=i tem360dde33a1:g:ai4AAOSwj85YQBD5

Hey guys! Building a uClouds right now. Very excited!!
Could anyone provide a pic of the populated PCB? Just want to check the orientation of everything. Thanks!!
Anyone know where I can purchase this uClouds panel?$_72.JPG
Oh and one more question: regarding placement of the resonators, where do the 8mhz and the 12.2 mhz go? I can't find any indication on the pcb or the PDF that the designer sent along.
Also, I need to bridges both bridges to the right of the ARM chip right?

I have a uClouds with Parasites firmware. No matter how low I turn the input gain, it seems to always be distorting.

Anyone having this condition?
Just need to clarify ...

The dry input signal sounds fine, it's the processing that's distorting even with delays down, density down, texture and size at 12 o'clock.
ThenCameNow wrote:
I have a uClouds with Parasites firmware. No matter how low I turn the input gain, it seems to always be distorting.

Anyone having this condition?

I have this same problem if I input a signal into the "R" input and use the "R out". The Gain pot seems to do nothing.

The Gain only works for the "L input"

Mine is Diy so I was thinking I might have had a bridge or a cold solder point so I went over the whole board and it still has that distortion coming from the "R out"
I was poking around E-bay today. A bit shocked at the prices for the MI version! Average asking price was about $430 USD.
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