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Roland RSP-550
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Author Roland RSP-550
i could get one for quite cheap, but the battery is dead and its rom version is 1.0.0

anyone has some experience with this device?
fantastic unit!

if i remember correctly the battery is soldered on. so i had to remove it and install a battery holder. easy job if you're handy with the iron (or know someone who is)

the latest os is 1.04 and to update you have to find an os chip or eprom burner. here you can find the binaries: c-music-production/1046600-roland-rsp-550-any-thoughts.html

mine is also 1.0 and i never had a problem. i think they added a few algos or maybe just presets. i don't know.
Cool! Thanks for all the information!
it's also closely related to the se50 and se70. if you like them you'll love the rsp.
I need to replace the battery... can you please tell me what type of battery holder to solder?

I've had mine for MANY years, bought it brand new in the early 90's. Last year I finally got around to replacing the battery in mine but two d'oh! d'oh! things, I had purchased a replacement battery MANY years before that had wires attached and I just soldered it in. Unfortunately I now need to replace the battery again since my replacement was so old it didn't hold up for long and since I didn't use a battery holder it's more of a hassle. Dead Banana

Really good sounding unit though and very versatile. Keep the input signal level as hot as possible without overloading it to avoid it's self noise. I've probably used it in a majority of my YouTube videos but usually mixed with one or more other reverbs and / or delays:

By itself, mostly short reverb examples

With a couple other delays

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