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Sequencing Bastl Kastle with a zaquencer
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Author Sequencing Bastl Kastle with a zaquencer
Hi all,
I want to sequence a Bastl Kastle with a zaquencer and a Midi to cv converter. Who can tell me if this is indeed as easy as it sounds?
If you....
Have a Kastle, and have a Zaquencer, and have a Midi to cv converter.... then plug together and give it a whirl. Simple. Just need to have the right cables to connect your midi/cv to the Kastle. Gotta check into that
only thing is that Kastle is not 1 V/oct. So.. it will be slightly off tune if you try to combine it with other things.

otherwise its just a matter of the correct cables.
Well, thought I was set to try this one but it turns out a doepfer mcv4 does not accept Midi clock, which is what I need to sequence the Kastle (at least that's what I think I need when I want the kastle to spit out sounds to the zaquencer's beat). Any tips on an affordable alternative? (I came across MIDI Bastl but it looks like it has been discontinued).

Update: found a Midi Bastl - they are fairly easy to get your hands on just not from the bastl web shop - hooked it up between my zaquencer and my kastle (patched the input to the lfo and the lfo reset); no action. Wrote to bastl and awaiting their reply. Also asked Christian from zaq audio to find out if he could suggest a midi to cv device that happily accepts midi clock from the zaquencer, he actually got back to me really quickly but unfortunately he doesn't have personal experience with midi to cv.

Has anyone here managed to make the kastle respond to midi clock via a midi to cv device?

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