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Coil's A Cold Cell Synth pad and choir
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Author Coil's A Cold Cell Synth pad and choir
Cold Cell

The synth pad and choir sounds in this track are perfection to me, and I really want to produce something similar, and I don't seem to be able to get there with my virus c.

Any ideas on how these pads were made? Or what synths excell at these sort of sounds? Most stuff ive considered sounds too cheesy to me or overly digital. help

Feel free to move this mods, I'm not sure the best place to post this.
At a guess, samples, most probably Thighp.'s Kurzweil.

Maybe he can shed some light on this when or if he reads this?

I believe this was recorded at the start in New Orleans during the Backwards sessions....if that's the case, i'd expect Prophet VS and or PPG layered to shit in the computer and effected all to hell. If it's post New Orleans i'd guess the paddiest thing they had around would be the Optigan, or maybe TPS's Synton Syrinx.

But i dunno otherwise. TPS lurks around here, hopefully he'll chime in for ya.
I meant to update this: straight from the horse's mouth it was a Nord 1
oneiric.tomb wrote:
I meant to update this: straight from the horse's mouth it was a Nord 1

which horse did you speak to? hihi
the rotovatored one
Thighp.s wasn't in the band at that time, Drew McDowall and Danny Hyde were though. They def did own a Nord Lead 1, but there's obviously some sampled choir in there as well. Could be from an Akai sampler, or perhaps a rompler that was at the studio in New Orleans?

There's a track on Dedekind Cut's successor that is made out of samples of this track.
From Danny Hyde. Yes I agree tho that there was probably a sampled choir layered on it.
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