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Another "getting started" thread!
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Author Another "getting started" thread!
Hi all, I've been looking at LZX modules for a while now and thinking of starting off with a Vidiot. Seems like it will be a really nice way to get into video synthesis and build from there. I would initially like to feed a cheap handycam into it and connect it to my computer and/or a projector. I'm feeling a little overwhelmed trying to figure out the various ins/outs and would love some advice.

From what little I understand I'm thinking I need to connect the camera via HDMI to a HDMI/component converter, from there RCA to the Vidiot, and then RCA to a video capture device that would be connected to a mac desktop or projector.

So do I have a perfect understanding. nanners
Probably not sad banana

you are correct!

but you can connect the Vidiot directly to a projector, as most projectors have a composite input.
And if you buy a cheap handycam, buy one with a composite out, so that you can skip the converter.

If you are going to do video feedback, you want no delaying converters in your path.

good luck!

I'm sure LZX will make some nice video tutorials for the Vidiot, just have some patience nanners
Thanks so much FetidEye!! Can’t wait to get started!
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