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Gratuitous Video! Cwejman vs. Orthogonal vs. Eloquencer
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Author Gratuitous Video! Cwejman vs. Orthogonal vs. Eloquencer
Sorry for the gauche post, but I thought this one came out kinda neat:

Patch notes in description on Youtube.
sounds great! but i thinks its posted in the wrong place d'oh!
Nice sounds.... Too many modules to have a close up view without multiple camera angles... I would never leave the studio if it was setup like yours is..

Your logo looks like a Japanese rice ball with arms and legs... razz

Sorry, but that was the first thing I thought of when I saw it..

So you just kept on getting 6u cases and made a big system out of them...
Any reason for that? I guess it would be easier to move if you had to...

I kind of like that idea.. Are the cases secured to the wall at all, or just free standing? I have mine on an "A" frame guitar stand so it leans back a little bit..
Here are the patch notes from the video:

Dudadius wrote:
All sounds from Cwejmam. Orthogonal Devices sequencing.
Patch Notes.
This patch was inspired by Maho Cwejman asking if anyone had some ADSR-VC2 or CTG-VC videos. I didn’t want to do a demo, but I had the idea that I would do a Cwejman-centric patch and use those modules as the back-bone.
All of the sound sources are from the Cwejman family. Just supplementing with the sequencers and some modulation sources.
Drone is Monome Ansible controlling the PH8 as an oscillator in the QMMF4. 2 of the Ansible channels are modulating the QMMF’s frequencies to create a shifting chord sequence. The whole shebang goes through one side of MMF2, the and FSH-1 for effects. Malekko Varigate-8 is running the rhythmic modulation on that.
Rhythm. Kick is the CTG hitting the MMF6. Release time is modulated by the CV out of the Eloquencer, which is programming all the of the rhythm tracks.
‘Snare’ is the BLD. Hat is the RG6 going into the VCA-2P, which has it’s panning being modulated by a Batumi.
All of the percussion goes into a MX4S. One side goes to the main mixer, WMD Performance mixer, and one side goes into the side-chain input of the DP2.
Still wrapping my head around the Orthogonal Devices ER-101/102, but they are driving three voices.
Bass is a VCO6 into the MMF1s.
Middle and upper voices are the two sides of a VCO-2RM into a DMF2. They both go to the VCA_4MX into the input of the DP2. The percussion is side-chaining all of the melodics there.
Then they all go through the SPH2 for a little stereo fun.
I’m using Intellijel Rainmaker and Audio Damage EOS reverb for effects.
There is a slight amount of Electron Analog Heat on the whole thing. Mastered with Izotope Ozone 8, Vertigo VSM2 and Fab Filter Limiter.

Could you talk a little more about your opinions on all of the sequencers you used? I realize you are still learning the 101, but do you have any thoughts you could share already?

neonmercury1. Yea...I know there can be some opinions about this, and I usually avoid posting my videos here. But this one had enough 'content' for discussion that I though it might be worthwhile to post.

JakoGreyshire My nephew, who did the logo, is heavily inspired by asian themes, so you might be onto something. But yes, that's just the way my system as evolved, with the 6u (and 12u) cases. The Elfa system from The Container Store works perfectly. I used to have the tracks mounted to the wall, but in my new room, I went with the free-standing floor-mounts. I like them better; more flexible to adjust and I think more secure too. I use the sliding shelves for keyboards and table-top stuff!

2disbetter. Sequencers. There are a lot of options out there, eh! I wanted to try the Orthogonal units because I was so impressed with the ER301. Usually I use the various Monome boxes and apps as my main sequencing platform, then augment with others. I like the non-traditional approach to composition that they allow, but still from a musical perspective.

The ER101/102 is like Monome's older brother who skewed a little more towards the science classes than art (don't get me wrong: Brian at OD...ha, they are both Brian's...has an incredible aesthetic that I love). 101/102 Take you outside of the normal track/lanes/patterns/sequences idea. Everything is free-formed and independent, so I find I have to have a bit of a plan going in. I have no idea how Colin Benders 'jams' with it. Simply amazing. (I'm sure the answer is: practice.)

I use the Metropolis for more improvisational stuff, Rene for quirky, logic-based patterns, Circadian Rhythms and Varigate-8 for percussive things.

Eloquencer is new for me and it is a nice combination of the CR and V8, with a little Sequencer1 thrown in. It's really great!
Thanks for the feedback Dudadius! I like the way circadian rhythms works but based on the music it used to make, I can see how it's function wouldn't really be useful for the way I work. Still like it just wont get it.

The Control Block and Varigate 4/8 are also incredible modules and I've seen a lot of really good musical stuff out of them. (R Beny comes immediately to mind.)

My only hang out with all the main front runners is how they all only support 2 outs per track. I can't sequence modulation or velocity along with my cv and gates.

The ER-101/2 are the exception here, thanks to it's 2 CV outs per track. Based on what I've read I could use it to do some MPE like things. For this reason it is the front runner for me.

The 1010 music Toolbox just dropped as well. Because of its more amorphous interface and software backend looks better positioned to enable what I'm looking for. The only current roadblock is whether or not the 8 CV and 8 Gates are in fact only that. If the gates can't be used for CV purposes then despite it's extremely flexible software underpinnings it too would not be able to really sequence anything MPE wise. It does have MIDI outs though, so maybe a midi out to a polyend poly module could unlock what I'm looking for, as then only the software on the toolbox would need to support it.

Fingers crossed.

Awesome. Like the bass drum from 5th minute. hihi
Took a stab at a walkthrough video:

Nice informative breakdown thumbs up

That FSH1 is beyond words btw..
nice overview!
btw the er102 transition between parts is something i spend alot of time with, especially confusing if you have different lengths of parts and i think i understood that that's what you have too. in the config.ini file you could set the user transition to clock which i find works best if you have polymetric or polyrhythmic stuff going on...of course you have to tap it precisely on time...
( 1)
anyway, great timbres come from your cwejman system!

I'm scared to go there...but I'll give it a shot. Thanks!
The educational value of this thread is climbing exponentially. I'd be willing to wager that this "Walkthrough" video will become popular in its own right as others dissect it for a better understanding of process.

For those of us who thrive on deep complexity the tour of your Monome, Cwejman, Orthogonal Devices gear is a blast of energy. Thanks.
This is lovely. rutabaga40 can you talk a bit more about the BLD coming out quietly? I'm very interested in one but that puts me off a little bit!

Hi there. Speaking of the BLD, it's output just seems low compared to other modules, but like I said, if you jack some voltage into the velocity input it cranks up the volume a bit. It really hasn't been a problem and I think it's such an amazing module that it's worth that little extra effort to adjust your gain-staging.

It's also possible that newer ones have hotter output?? If you're on Facebook, Maho Cwejman has been active there recently and you might want to ask her. Might be something you could calibrate too??

At any rate, I love it and would highly recommend it still.
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