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General CV polyphony question
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Author General CV polyphony question
Hi there,

I've got a General CV in the mail, and after reading the manual, I was wondering whether it was possible to use it as a multiple voice VCO (obviously squatting at least one CV input for pitch per voice). So not building chords or arpeggios off a base note, but really independent notes.

I wouldn't need full tracking (as I understand that takes pitch bend on the single VCO mode), just something that tracks semitones.

Not a clue whether the hardware can do that, or whether it's in the development pipeline as an extra mode (or just a plain stupid idea).
Perfectly possible but not in the current firmware.
OK, holding my breath for a future firmware feature then. Thanks for quick reply!

Module scheduled to arrive today hyper
Hey os,

probably sounding like an ungrateful brat after the recent flurry of new functionality, but can I hope a feature like this is somewhere in the pipeline, or is that not a direction you want to go with this module?

(waiting to let a four track sequencer loose on this, and do oboe phases :-).

Yes, it's on the list.
It's peanut butter jelly time!
I would also be very interested in a 4-voice polyphonic mode as described here.

Another mode that would be great would be a chord mode that works like Music Thing Modular's Chord Organ, where you just provide semitone selection of the key and the chord structure (which fits perfectly with the CV and Mod outputs of a single channel of the NerdSeq sequencer). And while you're at it, a config file on the SD card defining the chords would be killer.
What, like this?

Maybe, it's hard to tell what you're doing there. It seems though, like you would need 3 inputs:

1) gate

2) CV for base note/root of chord

3) CV for chord type (maj, min, dim, etc.)
Could I suggest that you peruse the user manual for a few minutes? I think that would clear things up.
Fair enough. I'm guessing that's Chord mode, yes? If so, from the manual it looks like the definition of the chord is actually controlled by two parameters, so that major, minor, diminished, and augmented are selected by Scale, and sus, 6th, 7th, and 9th are controlled by Chord Shape. I'm suggesting that it would be really handy to have a mode where the chord is defined by a single semitone parameter.

For example, Chord Organ lets you define 16 chords, and I have mine set up like this: maj, min, 7, dim, min7, maj7, min7b5, sus2, sus4, 6, aug, min6, dim7, 9, root+5, unison.

This works really well with a sequencer that has a Modulation output for each CV and gate output.

Certainly possible, though I'm not usually a fan of directly ripping off other modules. But some sort of user defined chord system could certainly be added.
That would be tremendous! Please put it on the list.
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