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Silent Way with Cubase 5.5
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Author Silent Way with Cubase 5.5
I have Cubase 5.5 on Vista. The plugin seems to work correctly on a mono audio channel and send CV calibration tests to my VCO.

However Cubase 5.5 doesn't seem to have anything called a "Mono Instrument Track" which would allow me to route MIDI to it and have it output to the mono track.

Silent Way Voice only will load onto a mono track- will not load to a stereo track and gives errors.

Anyone find a way to create a proper track for Silent Way to work on Cubase 5.5?
Have you tried "Create Audio Track"
then select mono from the options?
If you create a MIDI track, you can then route that track's output to the Silent Way plug-in on the audio track.
In Cubase 5.5, MIDI tracks can only route MIDI to MIDI, audio tracks can only route audio to audio. Instrument tracks route MIDI to a VST instrument to a stereo audio output, but Silent Way needs a MONO output- can't figure out how to make these mono- if I can figure it out, Silent Way will work 100%

Pic attached- anyone have any ideas?

MIDI tracks can only route MIDI to MIDI

Yes, that's fine - but it can route MIDI to the MIDI input of a plug-in which is on an audio track.
I think I found the solution- but I've started my workday and wont post again until tonight- I think there are two kinds of VST tracks- VST Instrument tracks and "Instrument" tracks- which are not fixed with routing- and I was able to make a plain "Instrument" track and the audio routed correctly from Silent Way.

When I get it working I'll post a screenshot.
modularland wrote:

Pic attached- anyone have any ideas?


Just wondering...
the first red arrow is pointing to the input
on the midi track. What about the output?
That's what you'd want to change.

I haven't moved to 5.5 yet, still on 4.5.1.

Is that a feature that's been reported as dropped?
I know they dropped Direct X support without
notice when 5 was launched.

I can't even really get Silent Way working at
this time because I'm on XP with 3GB switch
in the boot.ini. Seems to be causing issues
with the Silent Way GUI and memory allocation.
the arrow points to the stereo output- Silent Way only works on mono output- but I am pretty sure I figured this out- gimme some hours to finish work and I'll post the solution.
Silent Way Voice Controller, for full operation, needs to work on a 6 channel bus (e.g. a 5.1 audio channel).
FYI I worked on it for an hour last night- still haven't solved it.

The Silent Way plugin IS working- it does send to a 5.1 bus, and on channel 1 is sends CV and is properly controlling my VCO.

However I have not yet figured out the routing for MIDI correctly. Silent Way IS taking MIDI In, but its not sending pitch, it is instead sending envelopes.

I think the problem has to do with the output routing and they way I've set up my Alesis IO26 so I'm still working on it.
okay, i am hoping you got further than i did with silent way voice controller and cubase 5.5 cause it is completely kaput for me

something is definitely not right here, because i did kinda have this working before with cubase 5.1 (calibration kinda worked and so did midi control)
Using the exact same project file under 5.5 is totally broken.

first of all, forget using it in an instrument track. Theres no way to return audio for calibration so this is pretty much a dead end.
I had to use it as a insert effect in both a stereo audio track (for basic calibration testing) and a 5.1 audio track both with the same results.
a) Audio is not being returned for calibration
and b) when i tried to control it through midi, i could SEE envelopes and pitch data being summed out ALL SIX channels.

I suspect that with the introduction of 'VST Bridge' that stienberg made some changes to the API which is interfering. (even though i am running this in 32 bit on XP so 'VST Bridge' should not be doing anything)
Yes this is pretty much what i see- i'm probably going to give up on it for now and just live with my Kenton MIDI interface for a bit and revisit in 6 mos...

case closed for now
I'm one the road right now but I'll look into this stuff next week when I have my Cubase dongle accessible again.

One point though - if you have Cubase 5.1 songs that are broken by Cubase 5.5, you should really complain to Steinberg. Sounds like they've screwed something up.
I'm getting pretty excited about the ES-1 (got one on order)
but I must say this thread has me slightly worried.

Is anyone running the Voice controller in Cubase 5.5 without problems?

I downloaded the demo the other day, and all the other plugins opened fine, but when I tried to insert an instance of the voice controller... BAM... instant cubase crash.
Just for larks, I Googled "cubase 5.5 problems".

Wow. eek! Sounds like a *lot* of stuff broke for a lot of people.
I'll download the demo tonight and see if it works on 5.5 for me. I am a little worried as 5.5 did break some stuff for me. Reaktor 5.1 crashes if you try to change the auto-save folder. Reaktor 5.5 fixes the issue, but it's still beta. Hopefully this will be a simple fix if 5.5 did break Silent Way.
The way I use it (I'm the one that did the terrible job of the Cubase 5 Video on Silent Way Web Site).....

I take a stereo audio track

Then I insert Silent Way plugin as an 'insert' onto that audio track.

I assign the input from the soundcard that you will use to calibrate i.e from the output of your synth.

I then take a standard midi track and under midi output I select the plugin on the previous audio track 'Silent Way'

This way the midi track can control the Silent way plugin that is used as an insert plug on the audio track. You can calibrate this way and use it for playback this way.

You can insert the plugin on anything from Stereo to 5.1 to access the other channels.

Once you have calibrated if you so wish you can then run Silent way as an instrument plugin and load the calibration file.
OK, I think I've figured this out. It's by far the most complex setup of any DAW. Yay Cubase.

It's the same in 5.0 and 5.5 though.

I'll make a video tomorrow or early next week. Words alone are not going to explain this.
I often have plenty of words for Cubase... angry very frustrating evil
i noticed earlier today that there is a hotfix for cubase 5.5 to deal with some of the 32 bit VST plugins. (something to do with UAC breaking stuff)

looking forward to that video os!
Just wanted to say that here, cubase 5.5 (without the hotfix) works fine with the voice controller. I did not need to change anything in the setup after the update.

I am using RME 9652 adat out to an alesis io26, win xp SP3.

Then again, I seem to be one of the lucky ones, as 5.5 also works fine with powercore, uad, ik multimedia plugs (all of which I have read some problems about in 5.5).
Here's that video. You'll want to watch this in HD if you want to see clearly what's going on.

Just wanted to add though, that if you are using mono synths like I do instead of needing all the outputs for one modular then it is a lot simpler to set up.

I can run four mono synths from a Motu 2408mk3 sound card. You basically just need a stereo track with Silent Way as an insert effect.

Then a midi track assigned to Silent Way.

Under connections assign a mono input, and under output assign a stereo output for your synths. Then a separate mono track for monitoring your synth input in Cubase with assigned outputs to the main stereo out i.e to your speakers....and the input with monitor enabled assigned to the input on the sound card coming from the synth.

Try to use folder tracks and keep a separate folder for each silent way. A mono synth like the pro 1 only needs the trigger output and pitch output so only ties up 2 outputs.

Cubase is an arse for sure, but it does work.
thanks os Guinness ftw!

i just tried it and it works (cubase 5.5.1 hotfix as well)
I think what was screwing me up before was not having a seperate 'monitor' track'
Thanks os! Now I just need my ES-1 smile
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