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Cassette duplicators...
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Author Cassette duplicators...
Does anyone have any knowledge about cassette duplicators? A good friend who runs a record cutting business wants to start offering tape duplication but is not sure where to turn? Are there any brands better than others? Are they still available?

Any help would be great...
I think it would be very hard to compete with companies that are never went out of this business. Having access to large stock of tape and the machines to do viable commercial production is going to be tough.

If your location is somewhere where there isn't already good services for this (ie not USA/Canada/UK/Europe) it could maybe make sense for small scale releases but it's going to be very little room for profit.

Best bet would be to learn how to service decks and get a stack of quality machines that are in need of repair, fix them and set up a distribution amplifier.

The 1 to 3 duplicators are pretty low quality. and the market for larger production is kinda cornered.
there's this one local label that used to have a big ass tape duplicator, like it could do something like 8 or 12 tapes at a time. the quality wasn't bad but it wasn't better than my dual deck i got off ebay which was made in the early 2000's. got it for $45. yeah it only copies one tape at a time but you can get those for almost nothing so would you really want to pay out the ass for a vintage one that's almost as big as a fridge? you could get a couple of those 1 to 1 tape copiers cheaper and just run a line in signal to each.
Thanks for all the info! thumbs up

Are there any new duplicating machines available on the market?
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