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Question (possible issue) Double Andore mkii
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Author Question (possible issue) Double Andore mkii
I noticed some noise/distortion when running my HD mkii through the Andore, this morning. I was just testing some sequencing using the sine waves on the HD and noticed prevalent distortion on the output.

With some testing, I have narrowed down to 2 observable issues.

1. With a sine passing through the top section and the top section set to cycle or triggered, as I adjust the shape pot away from 12 o'clock distortion starts to be noticeable on the attack and decay. Almost like the signal breaks up or fuzz. If is rotate the pot to full exp the distortion disappears. However as soon as I adjust the pot back towards 12, it starts again. Its not subtle.

2. When repeating the same test with the bottom section, I observe the same results, but with the added effect of phasing that occurs in the signal path. This can be recreated by simply sweeping the VCA drone slide. About midway, there is a noticeable phasing and distortion that happens to the signal. In fact the sine wave sounds like a super saw!!! Cool, but maybe not intentional!

Tests were done with simply running the sine output of HD mkii to the signal in of the DA and output to WMD Pro output for monitoring. Observed using all of the A, B and Mix outputs.

I'm assuming that channel 2 has a definite fault, but has anyone noticed similar behaviors?

All non-used controls where checked as being at zero, including the XMods and only the single cable was routed to the DA.
Recorded a quick test to demo. Carried out with the settings noted above. First strike is with upper section, the second with lower.

Double Andore Issue test

Also, as an A:B, I tested with the Polivoks ENV/VCA. Noted that the attack transient on that was lovely and tight. In comparison the DA attacks sound rounded and sluggish. I think you can hear about a 200ms+ attack ramp. The test had the attack sliders set at zero.

I don't have the Mk II, but I read through it's associated thread here last week and did note some comments on intentional overdrive of the VCAs being possible. I could not play your audio link (chrome win 10 pro) so I don't know what your hearing exactly.

Either way, I'm sure someone can chime in with ears-on experience. Regardless, you might email support to see what IME says.
I always use an attenuator between HDII and DAII as for my taste the DA overdrives too fast otherwise. Don't know if it's the hot levels of HD or a sensitive input from DA creating that distortion.
But as it's a Harvestman, I know it will make sense in some way as it is hihi
I recall having a distortion issue with my DAII at one point, but it wasn't with the HD (didn't have one then). I basically worked around it by turning down the "ENV AMT" knob a tiny bit. It's been a very rare issue for me, so rare, I don't recall which OSC was plugged in. Not sure that's of any help at all...
Thanks for the observations, folks. Will be taking my system over to Perfect Circuit tomorrow to get the SH F/W updated! nanners

Will see if I can comp the behavior to one they have in their rack or see if if they can hear any weirdness. I know that the IME stuff has a ton of a variety of distortion as character, but the weird thing here is that the 2 sections are distinctly different, with the lower being way more than distortion, with some phase issues also.

I went back and watcher the James Cigler video several times, through my monitoring and definitely didn't hear the same issues, but would definitely like to get a comparison to another unit in the flesh.
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