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Morphagene + Foot Controller
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Author Morphagene + Foot Controller
I am wondering how to do something with the Morphagene that I can’t yet figure out.

My plan is to use the Morphagene as the central element in a sample processing rack, playing live percussion timbres into the system via mics and exploring new timbres possible from them. To do this while my hands are occupied with percussion-ing, I’m using the monome walk which can send “toggle” gate open signals, as well as “momentary” trigger signals (forgive me if I'm using the wrong lingo). The two foot switches are patched to send triggers into the record and splice inputs on the MG.

This is already great, but I haven’t been able to record into a new splice once some material is already within the MG. To do this with my hands, I would have to hold record then press splice upon releasing (according to tutorials/the manual). Is there a way to recreate this using CV?

Thanks for your help!
ADDAC Floor Control gives gates so that might solve it. Also SSF Propagate can lengthen gates/triggers so maybe that would help?
Also Doepfer A-177-2. Allows to connect a double footswitch for sending to triggers, and an EXP pedal
* If you get a footswitch like a Boss FS6, I believe you can set the switches to either momentary or latching - I think latching means it sends a continuous signal so you might be able to do that (hold record, press splice)
As you say, Walk can simultaneously output toggle (gate) and trigs. Patch one toggle (T) output to Morphagene's Rec, then patch the second pedal's momentary (M) to Splice.
Talked to Peter Speer over at make noise tech support and as always got a quick and helpful response. Unfortunately, looks like I'll need the button combo to record into a new splice.

Here is his response in case others search for this question down the road.

"Thanks for writing! Unfortunately, there is not a way to record to a new splice using CV-- this is an entirely manual process.

One workaround may be to create a Reel and fill it with recorded silence. Then, divide this silence into x number of Splices before you begin playing (you may have up to 300 Splices per Reel, using the latest firmware). Then, using your foot pedals, patch one to Record and the other to Shift-- Shifting will allow you to move to the next available Splice, which will be blank.

The limitation here is knowing in advance how long you would like each Splice to be, although processing after recording is half the fun!

The short version, though, is that Recording live to a New Splice is only possible through using the button combo (and not with gates)."
Thanks for updating, good to know!
I use this one with the doepfer vfp2 pedal.
At first I connected both rec and splice to both of the pedals via the a177-2.
But it was a pain to do rec+splice while playing guitar.
I discovered that connecting the same gate to both rec and splice works also.
So you can connect the other leftover pedal to shift to control it with your foot.

donrock wrote:
Also Doepfer A-177-2. Allows to connect a double footswitch for sending to triggers, and an EXP pedal
Hi! The reflex live loop
has a fott switch in for that kind of operation... Works great!
Leisure Cove
A new technique for foot pedal integration-- with the Morphagene or anything with a Gate input!
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