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Metropolis Trips/Tricks?
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Author Metropolis Trips/Tricks?
Finally figured out how to operate my Metropolis (software version 1.04)

Couple things I noticed...

1) When I boot it up, how to I make all the settings boot it up to the last parameters I had it at when I shut it down? For example, it always boots up expecting an external clock from an outside source, and I have to manually select internal clock in order to run a sequence...kind of annoying

2) Seems very good for "electro" musical sequences, any tricks on how to make it have more melodic sequences? Ala, final fantasy's "the perlude" theme? Is there a way I can lock-in note values from, say, a midi keyboard and then run them in a sequence kind of like on the original SH101s simple sequencer?

3) Any tricks on how to modulate the Aux ins with LFOs, etc?

Just assign the Auxilarys to octaves and transpose then sequence those as well. This will lengthen past the usual 8 steps.

I would say that the Final Fantasy music you posted might be a little difficult with a 8 step sequencer but you should be able to get close to something like that using Octave and Transpose on each aux input.

I think you might be better with a 16 - 64 step sequencer for that kind of sequence maybe.
yeah for something similar to that final fantasy theme, you basically need to create an arpeggio.

combined two sequencers (or a sequencer and keyboard cv). one will sequencing the arpeggio notes and the other would be clocked slower and would do the transposing of that arpeggio
Buy a Beatstep Pro and use the Metropolis for shorter riffs.
I highly recommend to update Metropolis to firmware 1.30. It offers memory, ratchets and some more features.
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