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Moog 960 clone
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Author Moog 960 clone
Did anybody built this Moog 960 clone from the synthr/yusynth website? 0
Having a hard time to figure out how the switches for the stage behaviour
(reset/skip/normal/stop) are connected.
You can see the schematics and stuff on the linked website.
The part wich is bothering me is the shift register board.

Also if anybody may have some other schematics, where one can see
better whats happening, it would be great to post them.

As allways your help is highly appreciated
Best seriously, i just don't get it
AlanP ection.pdf

I've done my own layout based on SynthR's schematics, if the wiring plan is hard to follow, you may find it easier to trace through the schematic.
Did you build the 960 VCO PCB using the BOM or the schematic? There are quite a few differences between the two. There are also a number of parts on the schematic that are not on the PCB. Thanks !
I worked from the schematic, no problems.
Thanks for your help. How did you deal with the resistors that are on the schematic, but not on the PCB? (R309, 312, 328, 329, 330, 325, 327, 301, 307)
Some of the resistors you list (328, 329, 309, etc) are on the PCB, according to the pdf's I downloaded from Remy's site.

The ones that are not on the PCB (301 - 307) are soldered directly onto the rotary Range switch.
Got it. Thanks again. Looking forward to this build.
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