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Owning both Pam's new workout and Tempsutile, redundant?
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Author Owning both Pam's new workout and Tempsutile, redundant?
Hi All,

I have pre-ordered temps utile with the mini O_C and will be receiving them in the mail soon. I have a spare 8 hp now that i don't know what to do with.

My question is, will also buying Pamela's new workout make the tempsutile redundant? other recommendations? Thoughts?
I also have both modules. Pam is absolutely fantastic and never redundant as it can be so many thing. Like a random source or LFO. I prefer it for clock duties over Temps Utile. T_U has a few features that set it apart enough to keep both, namely the Sequencer and Burst modes. The Sequencer is especially cool. It's a bit like a Korg SQ1 with just gates. You can create evolving trigger sequences with it easily.
Hey boboter, thanks for taking the time to answer. So it sounds like Pam's is definitely a must buy. I was convinced of this just last week, but thinking about it now, i kind of felt maybe it's features wasn't enough to justify the purchase, if i already have the temps.
Just needed a little push in the right direction.
I've only got Pam's, but IMVHO it's a stunning module.

As I type it's clocking a Korg SQ1, Make Noise Wobblebug to control its clocking, Mutable Instruments Tides, Doepfer A-141-2 VCADSR, and some of the CV modulation for Mutable Instruments Clouds, too. And all of those outs from Pam are different though based on multiples of the BPM. And that's also without sending one of those to a 4MS RCD to get even more out of those clocks.

I use it almost all the time, not just to clock the main modules, but I love how different clocks can be envelopes or random or LFOs. For me, it means massive flexibility in a low HP.

That said, I do keep watching the Temps and if it diverges enough, I'll probably add one of those too next year as that will give me more (complex) modulation options for a low HP hit.
Step sequencing with TU that pams cant do. I'd keep both.
Great responses, thanks guys! Seems both will get me some complex modulation possibilities. Originally was just going to fill up that space with a ladik clockdivider/multiplier module, but having another multifunction module will be the better deal for the hp.
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