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Linnstrument with Bluetooth adapter
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Author Linnstrument with Bluetooth adapter
Hiya. Was having some trouble connecting the Linnstrument to an iPad via the camera connection kit (CCK). Kept saying "accessory not supported". So i bought a Yamaha UD-BT01 Bluetooth MIDI adapter. I got the USB version, they also sell a DIN MIDI one. About $50 each.

So i wanted to see if a wireless (or near-wireless) set-up could see done. Needed is a common USB battery pack, the kind that charges cell phones. (But you could just plug it in to an outlet USB charger, if you would like.) Plugged a USB cable from Linnstrument to the Yamaha Bluetooth device, which plugs into the USB battery pack. And it works. Went into settings on the iPad to connect the Bluetooth device. And set the input on the particular iPad app, which was PPG Wavemapper, to the same. Rubber banded the whole thing so it is relatively secure. Don't know if it is gig-ready, but good enough for studio use. Very little latency that i noticed. See photos below.

Very cool...I might need to try this with mine.
Very nice cool
Thanks! Could definitely use some tweaking like a shorter USB cord and Velcro instead of rubber bands, etc. But that's the general idea of it. Because everything is more fun with the Linnstrument! Rockin' Banana!
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