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Traveling with Music gear
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Author Traveling with Music gear
My son is flying back to New York with a shiny JDXi as carry-on luggage. It struck me that the TSA might find such a thing incomprehensible... any advice for those traveling with Musical gear that looks suspicious to suspicious minds?
A keyboard is nothing they haven't seen before. Just bring the cord too to able to power it up if asked. They'll be interested in seeing a power light come on, probably nothing else.
High Wolf
I travel with my modular synth all the time and it's (almost) never an issue, they just want to extra x-ray it / make the explosive residue test, that's all. They usually ask "what is this"? I started saying "modular synth", then "synth", now I'm just saying what they understand : "DJ stuff" smile
MUFF WIGGLER Forum Index -> General Gear  
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