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Polyphony through alternating VCOs
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Author Polyphony through alternating VCOs
Hi everyone,

I'm looking for a way to take incoming gate/pitch CV from a keyboard or sequencer and send each successive note to a different VCO using a "last note priority" or similar system. For instance, if I have three VCOs, and I play a four note melody, I would like for the first note to go to VCO 1, second to VCO 2, third to VCO 3, and then the fourth back to VCO 1, etc. etc. Anyone have any ideas about extant modules that perform this function?

I got the idea from the Sequential Circuits 6 Trak, which has a similar system. 6 VCOs are cycled, with the last note retaining priority - Once a 7th note is played, the first note is replaced, giving the player the most efficient polyphony within the limited number of voices.
Doepfer A152 or Synth Tech E102?
Awesome, thanks! I think 4 should be enough Mr. Green
After posting that I realized you might run into "droop" with either of the Doepfer ones, meaning that the pitch may not stay stable over longer time periods. The Synth Tech E102 is likely superior on that score.
Also look at CopierMaschine app in Ornament & Crime and Intellijel Shifty
I'm not so sure either the Doepfer A152 or Synth Tech E102 will actually do what you want. They kind of will, but I think they "rotate" all of the outputs, so when you hit your next note, the previous notes all change too, in typical analog shift register fashion.

If you want something the definitely does what you want, you're looking for the Intellijel Shifty. It can work like an ASR the way those other ones can, or it can work exactly how you described (hocketing):

Shifty is the shit. I use it to send melody all over the place in my rack.
So awesome, yeah the Shifty is exactly what I need. Thanks guys
I'm not sure about the E-102 but the Doepfer A-152 does not continually shift the CV down through the outputs the way a true Shift Register does. You can use the keyboard gate to advance the switch and it will hold whatever CV is active until it comes right around and replaces it. Mine does droop but it's quite slow so you can hold chords for many seconds before you notice the dropping pitch.
Shifty looks pretty cool as well. thumbs up
If you are using midi keys/sequence in, then Yarns will do the job as well.
Verbos Random Sampling has a lovely ASR
Yes, shifty sounds nifty. Can't help but appreciate the use of a 13th Century vocal technique to create the illusion of polyphony on today's synths.
If you're okay using MIDI instead of CV, I do this exact thing using Mutable Yarns (for 3-note or 4-note polyphony).

You can also do it with the CV.OCD for only 120$.
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