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Getting into Eurorack (Would like some advise/suggestions)
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Author Getting into Eurorack (Would like some advise/suggestions)
Hello all. I'm looking to get into the world of Eurorack & wanted to hear some feedback or advice from people on what to get based on my current setup & if what I have in mind makes sense or not based what I own & what I want to do with it.

I currently have the Make Noise 0-coast, Monome arc/grid, & the Deoper Maq 16/3 (along with a Moog Sub Phatty, & old ensoniq rack synth). I'm looking into building a skiff (probably using the make noise 104 powered skiff) to compliment/expand primarily the 0-Coast, Monome, & May 16/3.

I currently compose music for indie films & tend to use/enjoy a lot of drones and soundscapes. I also really like the classic functionality and sound of analog synthesizers. I hope to use a modular rack to explore new textures, sound manipulation, melodic arpeggios, and some classic synth sounds as well.

I've done some research but I'm new to a lot of this and it can be a little intimidating at times. I have attached a photo of a screen shot from modular of what I think might work to compliment what I have (clouds, maths, morphagene, A131 VA, ansible, rene). I tend to like the modules from Make Noise, Mutable Instruments and Deopfer.

I am definitely excited and appreciate any feedback, suggestions, or advise. Thanks!
FYI. Screen shots are the same.
you could replace the a-131 with a dual vca, such as the intellijel uvca ii. it's smaller and gives you another vca, and can be linear or expo.

clouds and morphagene both really shine with modulation - not sure if maths is enough for both? (although i appreciate that rene and monome will help). also, everyone says it, but clouds really benefits from attenuation. maths will give you some, but you may want more.

otherwise, looks fun! i use clouds and morphagene to do droney/soundscapey stuff, and they never cease to amaze me.
Why Rene? it's a brilliant sequencer, yes, but does the Monome grid not get you to the same place? (I don't actually know—I'm busy doing my best to never want a grid bc it's spendy)
You mention classic synth sounds - some filters would go a long way. Have you checked out the Jove?
I'll look into the dual VCA, thanks! I've seen a few out there that interest me and I have liked the few modules I've seen from Intellijel. More attenuation/modulation is something I may need to consider, still looking into more options.

I've gone back and forth on the rene several times. Your probably right it may be redundant or overkill with what I already have. Need to spend more time researching. I know the monome grid will allow some pretty cool sequencing.

Cool! I haven't spent much time yet looking at filters but I'll take a look at the Jove.
Just added the folktek mescaline to the collection so I may need to re-think my set up.
I am a newb, and started with the Make Noise skiff. Very happy with it. Really well made.
Yes, there are major deficiencies in this rack. If you like drones and stuff like that, you would definitely benefit from multiple oscillators and also at least 1 filter.

I would ditch Morphagene and Rene as they take up a lot of space and you appear limited. Also swap the A131 for any other dual VCA.

I would suggest using a Beatstep Pro to sequence as that's 1) cheaper and 2) doesn't take up case space. Another option is Pico SEQ.

Filters are highly personal, but Polaris is a good choice for you, or even the uVCF, also could consider the 2hp filters.

As for oscillators, you might check out the Snazzy FX drone bank as it specifically is designed for drones. Other options are 2x Dixies or 2x 2hp osc. Maybe add a 2hp mixer as well.

I believe this would give you a much more flexible setup.
Thanks for the feedback! That was helpful. Now I just need to concider a case to fit a few things with the mescaline.
This is what I'm Thinking I might do with the new make noise case.

I hate to say this (because they don't suck) but the Folktek modules are a mistake in a system this small. They take up a ton of your space that could be better used by more modules with more functionality. Just saying, you don't want to limit yourself like this.
Yea I could see your point. I already own the mescaline and would be prefer to eurorack it. I've gone back and forth on case size. Below is a set up I've considered as well. Seems like going bigger makes more sense. I'm just not too sure what the best way would be to route everything. I have a mixer and audio interface included in this set up but not sure if that is enough. Part of the reason I liked the make noise bc of the bus section.

I understand you already have the Mescaline, but I do not think mounting it in your Eurorack case is the best idea. You are losing half of your possible HP to the Folktek modules, which work perfectly fine outside of the case. I guess what I'm trying to say is that there is a whole world of possibilities you would get if you got some more modules instead.

You said you want drones and soundscapes? Consider:

-a multi-LFO modulation source like the ADE-32
-a multi-mode filter instead of just LP filters.
-some more VCA's
-a different mixer than the Doepfer (it doesn't sound very good). SubMix6 is nice.
Thanks! I appreciate that advice. I’ll take a look at those modules
- Lose the output module and get a stereo mixer instead.
- Metasonix module will need a LOT of power.
- more basic modules like VCOs, clock sources, VCAs, envelopes etc.
Here's what I'm currently thinking/hoping will cover all the bases for what I want (drone, some classic sounds, noise, soundscape).

Looking good. If it were me I'd try to squeeze a quad VCA in there. Maybe trade the Doepfer Noise for something smaller and swap the uVCA for a Quad?

Edit: Is the modulation coming from outside?
Looks cool! I don’t like Clouds so I’d probably get a 4ms Tapographic Delay instead. I’d like a sequencer in this system but I’m not into drones and soundscapes so don’t listen to me. smile Also, I fail to see how you will trigger Plonk.
pvnsnhlr wrote:
Here's what I'm currently thinking/hoping will cover all the bases for what I want (drone, some classic sounds, noise, soundscape).

2 VCAs is woefully inadequate. Also you have many sound sources, but no mixer. You are also low on modulation sources.
Remove plonk, yarns and rings (clouds parasite has a resonator mode) - put a quad VCA and some other utilities like more LFOs/envelopes/attenuverters/offsets in there. You desperately need them.
you def need more modulation sources if you have clouds and morphagene. without modulation u won´t be able to their full potential.
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