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Video Synth Starter Question
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Author Video Synth Starter Question
Hi Guys,
I'm doing all I can to find a really great thread for starting up on the video synth journey, but I can't find what I'm looking for, so I need your assistance:
On a basic level, I'd like to manipulate wacky shapes and rainbow colors in rhythm with my Eurorack rig. The LZX modules look awesome -- and I can't wait to see what will be possible with the Vidiot -- but I'm having a hard time understanding how to integrate Eurorack audio with those modules. Can someone create or link to the MOTHER OF ALL POSTS for Eurorack vets but video newbies lurking on this index?
Thank you!
You can use the Bridge module for converting signals between the lzx and audio modules. For audio to video modules, you can just connect them directly and attenuate until you get the range right, but the Bridge will help.

This video uses the old, discontinued LZX modules, but the principles are the same.

Is LZX the only Eurorack company making video stuff?
No, there's also Brownshoesonly. Malekko also have an "animation rate" video module, the AD/LFO-V. 4ms have the Buff Mult, which can handle video rate signals.

The Malekko Switch can pass video rate signals, but that module is discontinued. I seem to have bought the last one in the UK. waah If you see one in FST, grab it.
Does the video stuff just clip the signals if they are above 1v? Or does it actually damage anything?
It'll definitely clip at the output encoder, but it won't damage anything. Clipping is actually a feature - that's why the new Arch module has a Clip output. So I don't worry about it. It's all safe.

If you want to scale a signal, use a multiple on the Bridge in 5->1 mode. You could use 2 multiples like this and the mixer section to add 2 signals without risk of clipping. You can also use the negate feature to do the same without the multiples. The output range will then be +-1V instead of 1V. This can also be useful, e.g. for FM on the Prismatic Ray. The lack of attenuators on the mixer will be compensated by the attenuator on the PR.
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