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Advanced Electric - Live Performance Videos
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Author Advanced Electric - Live Performance Videos
I'm just going to change this to a thread for my videos and just post them here as a sort of archive. If this isnt appropriate mods or posters please let me know.

Here's my attempt at putting together a Eurorack Performance video. I'm inspired by Ann Annie, Modular on the Roof, r Beny, Hainbach and Light Bath. So I tried to make something similar. One take no over dubs.

Patch notes.

Main Voice: Braids in Pluck mode with a slow attack to Make Noise LxD(bottom) into Pittsburgh Lifeforms System Interface for distortion. Bus out to Spring Reverb and 2 Delays to make a stereo signal back in to the Stereo Aux in of the Lifeforms System Interface. I'm super happy with the Lifeforms Interface, it just opened up so many possibilities with the Aux, Bus, Distortion, Panning and extra channels!

Bass is STO to Lxd(top).
This is tasty
Really well done.
Very cool stuff.
Thank you guys for your nice comments!

Here's my second attempt!
I bought a few new modules for my 30th Bday. Morphagene, MATHS, Optomix, and a Mother32. I used Morphagene to mangle a Mother32 sequence. I used MATHS for modulation and Optomix for mixing and some dynamics then put on some reverb and delays through the AUX channel of the Lifeforms System Interface. Everything is sequenced by a Korg Electribe 2

Also, I'm confused if this is the right section of the forum to post this or not.

These are live(one take) performances buuut I'm not playing them out in public. So maybe I should post them to the Your Tunes Section?
Lovely stuff. Subscribed on YouTube :-)
Beautiful stuff, gonna use this as inspiration... Very light bath-esque
Excellent! Your inspirations may now be your peers. Go forth and create. I will listen with pleasure.

We had kind of a crazy week out here. First we saw the biggest waves we've seen in a Decade or more. Then we were evacuated at 3am due to a Tsunami warning generated by an 8.0 earthquake off of Alaska.

Now the Ocean is calm so I made this little jam testing out some new gear. It's not really as ambient or refined as my other performances. I just feel like I need to get this off my chest so to speak.

Arturia Keystep sends an arpeggio to the Mother 32 and 4046 VCO with different clock divisions. Braids is sequenced manually. Each is sent to VC mixers in the Mother 32. They are modulated by Hexinverter Galilean Moons. There is a lot of hands on wiggling to adjust the VCF, Decay, and VC mixers. Delay provided by Disting mk1
It's been a while since I've posted here but I'm still making videos! The last few drift away from pure live performance but are single live takes non the less.

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