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Sh-1oh1 accent control via config menu
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Author Sh-1oh1 accent control via config menu
i was wondering if there's any way i can control the accent parameters
without using external midi, also is there a way i can control these
parameters , the adsr and lfo through logic instead of using your
recommended external midi controller?

i've tried going over the manual with the config menu a few times but
i'm not sure how and if it works on the accent, could you help me
understand this further ?

Yes you can control the following parameters via the config menu:
Accent volume amount
Accent filter amount
Accent Decay

Have a look at page 20 in the user manual. Go to the 'UP' page and press one of the Accent function keys (Vol Amt, F amt or Decay). Then Use the lower 17 keys to set the amount or decay.
thanks got it , works good

can you help me understand how i can map the extra adsr and lfo through a daw like logic ?
Have a look at the user manual. There is a list of midi controller numbers for different functions.
Ableton Live and Logic can output midi controller messages, but I don't use these programs so I can not help you any further
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