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SW Sync in Logic does not work at 44.1kHz (ES-3/ES-5)
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Author SW Sync in Logic does not work at 44.1kHz (ES-3/ES-5)
I've been using the ES-3/ES-5 combo for a while now with Logic and it's been working fine. Today I had to switch a project to 44.1kHz (I am usually on 48kHz and sometimes 96kHz and both have worked fine).
On 44.1 however the Run signal becomes intermittent and glitchy, resulting in the modular sequencers going at around a million BPM.

Any ideas what I'm missing?

Using Logic 10.3.2, RME Fireface UFX and SW 2.6
Any of this relevant?
Using Logic Pro X and an RME interface, so according to that page it should be fully functional.

Also, I have the Logic Project plugin on a software instrument track.

It all works perfectly fine at 48kHz. It's only when I switch the project setting to 44.1 that it misbehaves.
I've never heard of that happening.

So you're using the ES-5 outputs for the run/clock? Have you tried different outputs?
Thanks for your suggestions Os. Have been away so only just tried again now. It stopped doing it and 44.1 works as well as 48kHz now. Weird.

Anyway, all good, sorry for the false alarm.
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