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Live Rack 6U?
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Author Live Rack 6U?
Hey guys!
I am planning a Modular Live-Set with a 6U-Rack. Im pretty new to all that stuff, but tried to read a lot.

Here it is:

I want to get the Subbass, two Lead-Voices and my whole Drums out of the system. Then the signals shall go through an interface into ABLETON LIVE, where I can edit the tracks and put some Audio Effects like Compressors, Equalizer and Saturator on them.

As seen the TELHARMONIC provides one of the lead voices. It shall go through the MMG, who is also my VCA. Last station for it is the ECHOPHON, then out. The QUADRA and DIXIE are for Modulating/CV.

The KLAVIS is for the Sub. It goes through the OPTOMIX, then out. QUADRA for AD.

Second Voice of the KLAVIS is for generating Noise. Same signal way as above.

The AK is my second lead voice and the signal shall go through the, yet unreleased, FILTER. The QUAD LFO is for modulating the different Operators of the AK. QUADRA Signal for AD.

So far, so good.

Now there are the Drums.

The BD9 goes through the FILTER, so I can do some quick hi-pass-filtering. Filter, then out.
The CLAP, HAT909 and the PICO are going into the TRIATT, so I can send them all-in-one into my mixer, sum it up and then: out.

So there’s one last thing:

I want to sync ABLETON and my Rack with an external MIDI-CLOCK by ERM.
So in theory the MIDI-CLOCK sends the clock signal into the Yarns. The Yarns sends the clock/start signal into PAMELA’S. PAMELA’S send the clock/start signal into the SEEK.

So, thats it. I hope that it is possible to understand what I want to achieve. And I also hope, that I did not make any logical mistakes. I’d love to hear some opinions though smile

Hm? You can’t run audio through the Quadra or Dixie II. The Quadra sends a CV signal and can be used to shape a sound if it is sent to a VCA or filter. Dixie II is a VCO/LFO.
Hey, thanks for the reply!

I know that I cant run audio through them. Just wanted to point out that I want to use the Quadra as AD for the voices. And the LFO is for doing LFO-things. I expressed that a bit wrong ^^
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