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Idea for cheap rack lighting
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Author Idea for cheap rack lighting
okay, been examining which diy projects I can pull off for the least amount of money...

Get a usb jack, like the cool Neutrik panel-mount ones, feed standard usb voltage (I believe that's) 5v to it from a voltage regulator, and then you can simply plug in the VERY cheap USB laptop gooseneck lights. They're usually around what, <10 euro?

You could make a very small panel with 3 usb connectors on the front and light up a very big rig from that one spot.
Okay I have a question (remember I'm a total noob on he DIY shit):

If I wanted to build this into a Frac Rack ear, and wire it to the Blacet PSU, how the hell would I go about doing this. I need instructions, dammit!


Great idea though, as I said on Twitter.
well dammit, I haven't researched anything yet smile The breadboard would be power connector -> Voltage regulator ->usb plug. It's about as easy as a circuit could be*

*words expressed here are not the words of someone qualified to say anything about electricity.
Definitely seems straightforward. Eh I'll learn what I need to know as I go (like everything in my life!) Coffee Addiction FTW
my list of to-do's that require some tiny part that I don't have in my parts bins is getting ridiculously long!

Tomorrow I'll start drafting a list of items... i'm anticipating hundreds of euros worth of little doodads. very frustrating
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