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19" Rack case for MU and Eurorack
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Author 19" Rack case for MU and Eurorack
I want to combine both formats in one rack case.

To have 2 rows of 5U MU and 1 row for eurorack I want to know if that case would be fine for me... Does anybody have experience with this case?

Gator Case
Eric the Red
I don’t have any experience with it, I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. Before purchasing, consider the Module depth and power supply choice for this thing.

In 5U, most DIY modules have boards that run perpendicular to the panel, and they can be quite large. Combine that with trying to squeeze in 2x power supplies (5U and Euro), and it might get complex.

I don’t know what cases they are, but the ones JLR uses, he fits both 5U and Euro in them.
Thanks for the reply.

I don't see why it should not work, too. But as far I am not that experienced with this I want to be sure.... I will give it a try once I have the rack frames here.
Keep in mind that you need different power supplies. Unless you limit yourself to Euro modules that can run on 15V -- some can, but you have to check.
Your shoehorning will probably benefit from most MU having rows of jacks on the bottom even if they happen to have a perpendicular pcb (at least in my system). That few inches is more than most Euro modules will need. It depends on your module selection, but I bet you aren't adding a row of Euro to add a bunch of old perpendicular-mounted Doepfer. hihi You will probably end up having no issues at all. Stupid of Gator for not publishing a technical drawing of a case like this, though.

I'd be interested to hear what modules you have selected for a system like this. What kinds of Euro designs you want to supplement your 5U.
I use a similar case (10U on top, 2U down below), with one row of MU and one row of euro, as well as two other 1 rack unit pieces of equipment in the upper 10u compartment. I have a single rack unit effects processor down in the front space.

I'm assuming you intend to mount the row of euro in the 4U space in the front. Therefore I'd put your most shallow MU modules on the bottom row up top. My deepest module in my case is the Megaohm Delta filter, with a perpendicular board. Originally, I had to cut away some of the plastic shelving between the upper and lower compartments for this module to fit. But I have since rotated the case so that it sits upright (with the front 2u space on top) allowing the 5U row to occupy the deepest part of the case:

You could do this too, I suppose, if you didn't mind having your euro row on top facing up. I doubt you want that, unless having them in front puts them too low for easy manipulation...

One other thing is: wooden mixer cases can be HEAVY, particularly when loaded with modules and power.
HEY - that's MY portable case!!! lol

alternating.bit wrote:
HEY - that's MY portable case!!! lol

It's a good case! thumbs up

Doesn't weigh nearly as much as my wooden mixer case.
Eric the Red wrote:
I don’t know what cases they are, but the ones JLR uses, he fits both 5U and Euro in them.
I've used the EWI MXC mixer cases from AudioPile but they don't ship outside of the USA so probably not much help for Klangzaun? (similar mixer cases from another manufacturer are likely available in Europe though?)

At one point I had 2 rows of 5U and one row of eurorack in a MXC-12L case. The case comes with 12U rails but there is extra space at the back (L=Long I'm assuming) so I replaced the 12U rails with 14U rails and cut down the sides so that the rails were parallel/non-angled:

Klangzaun, while the case you are looking at will probably work, consider how you'd use it. Unless the 5U section or the eurorack section is mostly set and forget, it might not be the most ergonomic. I'm thinking if your table or stand is low enough to use the top 5U section comfortably, you may be bending over, stepping back, and/or crouching down to use the eurorack section? And if your table/stand is high enough to use the eurorack section comfortably, you may have to stand on your toes or on a step stool to use the 5U section? I think having all the modules on one plane like in the picture above, or having them on separate planes the somewhat face each other (like a partially open briefcase) is easier / more comfortable to work with.

Also those cases like you linked to are the most efficient space wise for relatively shallow gear like modular synths, so you end up carrying around a lot of weight that is just protecting empty space.
Thanks for your replies.

Power supplies are different of course.

The new case is more space for more MU modules as expansion for the existing system. The eurorack section should replace 2 smaller eurorack skiffs with René, Metropolis, multiplier, divider, 2 picodrums and a mixer.

I will check the mixer cases as far as they are not too deep. I guess the eurorack on top wouldn't be that ergonomic. Thanks for drawing my attention to this. :-)
For your PSU you could get an oversized +/-15V supply and use 1-2.2 amp 7812 and 7912 voltage regulators to create the +/-12V rails for your euro modules. Hook up a synthrotek euro bus board and off you go... Seems like a better solution than cramming two separate psus in there...

Behold! Euro and MOTM playing nicely. The live rack (on the right) uses three AI Synthesis (spoiler alert - me) power supplies. The left one will have a few of those for MOTM and Euro and a .com one for the top row and other 15V.
spinach_pizza wrote:
It's a good case! thumbs up
Doesn't weigh nearly as much as my wooden mixer case.

Indeed, though the only unfortunate thing is the collapsing, awkwardly bulky LID.
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