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Disting Mk3 Pitch/Envelope Tracker Noise
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Author Disting Mk3 Pitch/Envelope Tracker Noise
I'm trying to use my Disting Mk3 as a pitch tracker and envelope follower with a dynamic mic and harmonica, but I get unbearable amounts of noise anytime there is no signal going through the mic. When I say "noise" I don't mean static-y white noise, but more glitchy pops and squeals, accompanied by red/blue led signals at the jacks.

I've tried both using the mic straight in and running it through a pre-amp to bring the level up. I'm also using an EQ pedal as a bandpass. I've tried different mics, different cables, anything I could think of that might be introducing the noise, but no luck.

When I do run signal through, I get pretty good tracking, but the whole enterprise is useless if I can't allow some space between notes.

Anyone have any ideas on what might fix this?
Are you using a VCA to mute the VCO with the envelope output?
Yes, that does work, but I just wondered if this was normal behavior.
Yes. As the signal disappears the pitch tracker is just tracking noise on the input, which of course gives garbage.
While this behavior makes sense I've bumped into some stuff where the pitch gets lost but the envelope follower isn't closed t could be cool to have a track and hold type deal for the pitch if the envelope goes under some parameter threshold.

While I'm near the subject. It's be neat to have a gain parameter for the envelope. cool
Good suggestions.
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