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Disting mk4 quantizer how to
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Author Disting mk4 quantizer how to
Sorry for the basic question. How do you use the quantizer feature on the Disting? Does it require the midi expander? I plugged an Lfo to the in and ran the quantized out into 1v/oct on a mother 32 but nothing happens. What am I’m missing? Could some one provide a basic patch example? Thanks
Choose algorithm A6 on the Disting mk4. Patch your CV source (the LFO in this case) to the X input on Disting. Patch from the A output on Disting to the VCO 1V/OCT on your Mother32. Finally patch the Disting B output to your GATE input on the Mother32.
@tf2ftw Most likely you have Z turned negative, which puts it into triggered mode, so it won't quantise unless you give it a trigger. So, either put it into non-triggered mode (Z positive) or give it a trigger (into Y).
I was just trying to figure this out myself. Thanks for the info!

BTW, caught Eurorack fever about four months ago. I've learned a tremendous amount from these forums, but this is my first post!
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