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Blacet Research on Record or CD?
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Author Blacet Research on Record or CD?
Just Curious,

on the MOTM site Paul S. Has an artist profile of the musicians that use his equipment or modules. I was just wondering if there were any albums or tapes people had released using Blacet Research Modules and or Systems. Are they used in Film soundtracks? Does anyone who has massive props (pop electronic music have one?

Blacet is almost like a secret.
I believe Gary Chang has some Blacet, along with his massive Wiard 300 system. He's done a lot of TV and Film work (The Breakfast Club, Steven King's "Kingdom Hospital" etc.)
Gary Chang's Wiard makes Nuns go, "Fuck me!" jawdrop
Smoo/Olivier Gerber uses some Blacet stuff.

Eg for "Traffic in My Soul" album.
On "traffic in my soul", I used 2 Blacet Time Machines, KlangWerk, Final and Filthyfilter, 2 EG-1, Mixer-Prozessors, Frequency-Divider and a Miniwave next to other modulars (wiard, selector and a small A-100). I love the combination: Time Machine and Klangwerk, controlled with the Wiard Controller (2 Joysticks) and external Sine VCO's. I still have a Frac System, recently updated by the 8-Stage Phaser and the 4 Pole Filter of Synthasonic. Both Modules are GREAT. The Synthasonic MFOS (OTA) 4-Pole LP Filter almost produces 100% the same sound as the COTA (Oakley).

+1 for Traffic in my Soul, but for some reason I was led to believe it used only 6 Wiard modules for the synths hmmm.....

Also check out Pulse Emitter. He has tonnes of tapes and CDRs out and even some LPs here(with sound samples) here if you act fast.

edit: just realized you're from Portland so you're probably already Daryl's best friend or something w00t
Yes, I did many songs on it almost entirely with 6 Wiard modules. On others I had more than 6 Wiard modules. The Wiard was the main modular and centerpiece, the Blacets were the helpers for the 300 (I had no Blacet VCOs). I should have written in my post that I "also" used Blacet. BTW, I did some multisamples for polyphone stuff.
Pulse emitters stuff is great! check out his new tape on NNA tapes. I did play a show with him in portland was cool. But its hard to draw crowds in Portland because the music scene in general is so saturated with bands and musicians. He didn't use Blacet for the recent tape he put out. That was all Oberheim OB-8
My last album has a bit of Blacet/Frac on it. Would have been a lot more, but I was just building my system as I was recording it.
Check out the Dog Synth LP that came out earlier this year, it's Max Eisenberg who also plays under the name "DJ Dog Dick." I'm pretty sure he basically uses only blacet stuff in his modular under both projects, but he is really good using the modular live as well. Highly suggest you see him play (as Dog Synth) live if you get a chance.
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